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Subject: I love your page, but I disagree with 93% of it  

There are only so many Bart's in this world.  I've only met a few and always take note of it, because...   that's my name!  
On that note, one of the few Bart's out in this world cannot possibly be the genius behind this site.  

I stumbled across your page while looking up some info on Laura Bush's supposed Chappaquiddick event.  
Thanks by the way for providing some facts and statements and pretty much answering my questions regarding
the whole thing.  That said, did you ever, I mean even once, actually bring this up in person face to face with 
someone as a response to them mentioning Chappaquiddick?  I can't believe that you did.  

If so, it would have been fucking great!  The only connection between the two events is that both involved 
bad driving with horrible consequences.  If anyone thinks that's the point of bringing up Chappaquiddick, 
they must be experiencing after effects of some intense head trauma.  Everyone gets that the point is that 
Kennedy left the scene and covered up his poor judgement instead of calling for help that probably would have
saved Mary Jo.  

Calling for help?
You mean on his 1969 cell phone?

He pretty much KNOWINGLY murdered a human.  Bringing up Laura's event only puts a spotlight 
on this fact since it doesn't exist in her story.  Hilarious and genius!!!

Laura killed her victim in town, with people standing around.

Before I go on (and this email won't be long I promise) just to let you know, I'm pretty much a Libertarian.  

Isn't "Libertarian" what people claim when they're totally ashamed of their real party?

I probably agree with the Dems and the GOP on an equal number of things which are far outnumbered 
by the things on which I disagree with them.  So I guess I'd normally find a lot on most Liberal blogs 
that I agree with and a lot that I disagree with.

That said, I pretty much disagree with everything I've seen on your site.  We're talking like 93%!  Fucking amazing!  
(Just so you know, I've only looked at the pickles stuff and a perusing of your current front page.)  Though I disagree 
with some things politically, mostly it's on a basis of simple logic and rationality.  I love it.

So what's the point of emailing you?  Two things.

1.  To let you know I love the site.  It is simply hilarious.  It's one of the best jokes I've ever seen.  
You must put a good amount of time and energy into it.  The real funny thing is that people must read it
thinking you believe this shit.  You must laugh yourself to sleep every night.

Yes, it's primarily a comedy page.
Is it my fault I make a lot of sense?
If I can design a trap that the Dems can't think of, I'm still a comic, right?
If I don't tolerate bullies, does that make me less funny??

2.  What's your real name?  I just have to know.  (just the first name, don't care about the last name)  
I understand that you chose "Bart" for the joke, which makes me happy with glee.  That said if this 
wasn't a joke (and I realize that it is) then your name would actually be Bart (which I realize it's not).  
So what's the real name, and why did you pick "Bart" for the joke site?  Big Simpsons fan I Imagine?

My real name is Irving and I used to be a cop in San Fran. .

I will be emailing a link to all of my friends and will be back time and
time again whenever I need a good laugh. Bookmarked!

If you listed the points on which we disagree
I'm sure I could change your mind.

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