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A Modest Proposal
 by Lucullus

For too long we on the left have been wringing out hands about what to do about the
red state scourge that is threatening the very existence of democracy in America. 
For too long we have sat back and allowed the jack boot right to control the media
and by extension the message.

I’m no rocket scientist but it’s clear that we need to challenge all the lies, innuendo,
and half truths that sustains the jack boot right.  One way of doing this would be for
those in the media who care about the fate of this country to openly challenge the
propagandists of the right.

When Keith Olbermann called O’Reilly or Limbaugh or Beck a liar that was a good thing. 
However, what he and the rest of those who are on our side should do is challenge these
liars to a debate.  For instance, in this time of the deification  of Ronald Regan, it should
be pointed out in the strongest terms that he was a disaster as a President who’s economic
theories ruined this county  Demand that any of the right wing hacks who praise Saint Ronnie
defend him in an open debate.  Warn them that we will back up our position with verifiable
facts and that the mouth piece representing the right had better be prepared to do the same. 

Of course the blowhards of Fox News and the rest will decline to take part in said debate. 
When the challenged declines to debate, publicly call them cowards who can’t defend the
lies they’ve been telling.  This should be done on a daily basis.  Keep challenging them and
keep calling them cowards when they decline the challenge.  People need to email and call
radio, television and newspaper people who share our political beliefs and demand that
they take actions like this.

Also, we progressives need to take to the streets.  The tea baggers took their ignorance
on parade and look what happened.  We progressives should do the same thing but do it differently.

When the jack boot right come to New York to nominate the Dim Son, Court Appointed
Boy President, we hit the streets in the tens, if not hundreds of thousands.  We marched
with funny, insightful signs, and chanted deep and meaningful slogans regarding our displeasure. 
Some of us dressed up like pretend Billionaires and others engaged in what was one time
called “guerilla theater”.  The only effect this carnival had was to alienate the rest of America
because we looked like freaks, and have the NYPD arrest us in droves on trumped up charges. 
This has got to stop.

What would the effect have been had if hundreds of thousands of people marched in silence,
dressed conservatively, carrying signs expressing their displeasure in clear, coherent terms? 
For one thing, more Americans from the middle of the country and the South would not
have been able to dismiss us as a bunch of hippies who hate America.  For another the
NYPD would have had a hard time coming up with reasons to make mass arrests.

If just these two ideas were put into action our visibility would increase 100% and our
message would be heard.  There’s no time left to wait.  America is dying and we are
complicit in it’s murder.


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