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Subject: Yearly Kos-07 report  by LuLu

Hey, Bart!
Sorry it has take so long to get this Yearly Kos report to you. At our age, 
it takes time to recover from these long weekends of fun, food, drinking and politics.
So, to begin - cue up the song "it's a small world after all."
Friday night, devtob and LuLu were hanging out in the Hyatt bar along with scores of other lefties
when a guy named Doug sat down and began talking to us. We had quite a long, animated
conversation when for some reason, LuLu referred to the "BFEE."
"You read Bartcop!" our new friend exclaimed excitedly. 

Indeed, we affirmed; then started talking about your great site. LuLu told him she had intended 
to bring a BC sticker to YKos to take pictures with the big wigs, but forgot to pack it. 
He gave LuLu the card of Jim from Chicago and told us Jim could hook us up with stickers.
The next day (debate day), we wore our WPE shirts. As LuLu came out of one of the meeting rooms,
a guy yells out to her, "Bartcopper!" Yup, it was Chicago Jim. He hooked her up with some stickers.
So here are a few photos of LuLu and devtob with our WPE shirts on,

devtob in his WPE shirt with Markos, 

LuLu with a BC sticker and the presidential candidates in the back, 

LuLu in a WPE shirt with Ned Lamont, 

and LuLu with Teamsters Union president Jim Hoffa. 

Hoffa really liked the shirt, by the way. Bet he would love it if you sent him one.
Oh, yeah, it was a great conference. Great speakers, wonderful workshops and lots of good times
- including a serendipitous random hook-up with a Kossack who gave us a ride on his sailboat.
Next year, you should go and do a panel discussion. They are looking for speakers. 
You can tell people how to do a royal rant and a half, and the proper way to swing the hammer.

Are you sure they want "my kind" at Yearly Kos? Kos told Tim the Whore 
yesterday that our front runner was at NINE percent on his straw poll. 
I'm more of a realist than that - I doubt I'd fit in.

BTW, we drank the Hyatt bar out of every decent draft beer by Saturday night; Here's the link.
Your supporters,
LuLu and devtob

LuLu, you did a great job on that Trip Report!

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