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Subject: Bravo

I absolutely AGREE with every word you said about "How We Get Out of This Mess" -

Hillary can stand up to the Republicans - she can stand up to McCain.

Put Obama in there, it's like sending McClellon instead of Grant -
It's like bringing a knife to a gun fight - We hand it to the Republicans once again.

If Obama is the nominee, one well-placed terrorist attack will send the 
crying, whining Amurican people right over to McCain.  Pathetic

That's very true.
Will soaring rheotic makes us feel good during an attack?
(Plus, Cheney will guarantee an October Surprise this fall.)

Amuricans are just like a bunch of bass - a bright, shiny object gets them hysterical
and frothing at the mouth, ready to bite. 
That's what I think is happening with Obama - it's American Idol!  ACCKKKKK!

Thanks for saying it online - not that I'm holding out any hope for Hillary
- could be, it's just too far gone - but let's wait for the fat lady.

Lynn in Morrison, CO

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