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<>MSM Fooled by GOPaganda - Again
  by Gene Lyons

See, I go back a long way on these politicized hoaxes. Courtesy of the Clinton
administration, Arkansas journalists got an early introduction into the creepy
methods of conservative political operatives and their ability to hoodwink the
national press. The local version of the Shirley Sherrod story was an equally
admirable public servant named Beverly Bassett Schaffer.

As long ago as 1992, Schaffer found herself implicitly accused of "Whitewater"
corruption in The New York Times. Although she'd provided the reporter with
documented evidence that she'd done everything in her power as Arkansas
savings-and-loan regulator to close Jim McDougal's Madison Guaranty S&L years before
federal regulators got around to it, once the Times committed its prestige to a
bogus narrative there was no turning back. Schaffer soon found herself hounded
through the streets of Fayetteville by "mainstream" TV crews with GOP oppo
researchers openly riding shotgun.

Most surprising to me then was the national media's pack behavior. Even
incontestable, dispositive facts could be ignored for years if it meant keeping the
longest political shaggy-dog story in recent American history going. It wasn't that
reporters were stupid, mainly cowardly and career-driven. Indeed, they always
understood precisely which facts couldn't be admitted into the narrative if they
wanted to keep feeding out of Kenneth Starr's hand. By the time Schaffer's
vindication came, they'd lost interest in her.

Back then, moreover, there was no Fox News channel, no YouTube, no Andrew Brietbart,
and fewer right-wing provocateurs generally. So it's heartening to see a polite
liberal columnist like the Washington Post's E.J. Dionne finally catching on. The
lesson of the Sherrod episode, he writes, is that "the mainstream media and
Obama administration must stop cowering before a right wing that has
forced its own propaganda to be accepted as news." He chides
his colleagues for being "so petrified of being called 'liberal' that they are prepared
to allow the Breitbarts of the world to become their assignment editors."

Some of us have been saying things like that for years.

But our cowardly Democrats don't have the ability to learn.
They keep making the sames mistakes, over and over.

And our whore media?
They know they're lying, of course, but whores follow the most money.

If they could get $25 for blowing Clooney or $26 for blowing the vulgar Pigboy,
they'll go for that extra dollar every damn time.


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