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You any good at song lyrics?

Chiseled in granite, an unforgettable appelation
Flesh and skeleton, with a cardium sentimental
Stay constant, enjoy the journey
Remember me when you arrive in the beyond


Last issue's Lyrics Quiz 

Spotted a lycanthrope
consuming a fruity cocktail at a trendy bistro
with an exquisite coiffure

That would be the incomparable Warren Zevon, Werewolves of London:

I saw a werewolf drinkin' a pina colada at Trader Vic's
And his hair was perfect

Aaahoo!  Werewolves of London
Draw blood

Sidebar:  A hundred years ago (ahem!) I took my girlfriend to Trader Vic's in Seattle to celebrate
her 21st birthday.  After a couple Samoan Fogcutters (Samoan Buttfuckers) she proceeded to
take off her clothes in the restaurant, and I couldn't stop her, as she was quite head-strong. 
The other patrons were pretty understanding.  I don't remember how we got home...

Don, Pillar, Shingle Springs




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