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Locations of visitors to this page

Subject: Bart, consider YOUR OWN interests        As seen on Link

I'm a long time reader. I'm clear this is YOUR page. This is YOUR site. 
These are YOUR opinions and - Koresh bless America - you're entitled to them. 
I like your site and I intend to continue spinning your hit counter. 
I'll even contribute again should I ever again enjoy "disposable income".

You are very nice.

The point is, in demonstrating your fervent support for Hillary, you've taken to 
insulting Obama supporters. I think you would agree that Obama has a huge following. 
To me, that indicates that a huge percentage of your reader base supports Obama as well.

My mail has been 75/25 Obama for maybe a year.
Hillary backers either don't exist or they tend not to write. 

Allowing this debate to devolve into personal attacks on the people who support
one candidate over the other is short-sighted both to the Democratic party and 
- more importantly to THIS post - your site.

There is a mean and nasty debate going on, that's for sure. I think I've been a model 
of restraint in that nobody can quote where I've attacked or belittled Obama.
I figure that's my gift to the party :)

Suggesting Hillary is getting a raw deal in the press or repeating some 
anti-Obama slur that has been disproved or pretending you can never 
navigate Obama's site or some such is one thing. 

Whoa, back the truck up.
I don't play that game where you define my position.

Hillary IS getting a raw deal from the press.

Would you send me a quarter for every nasty thing written or said about Hillary
if I send you a dollar for every nasty thing written or said about Obama?

You can't - you'd go broke before the sun went down.

Also, I'm not aware of any "anti-Obama slur that has been disproven."
Did you think you could sneak that by Ol' Bart?

And watch that "pretending" bullshit because you're calling me a liar
and I thought the point of your message was to cool things down...

But suggesting that your own readers - upon whom you count for support - are 
wishful thinkers, engaged in "idiocy", or not thinking like "adults" could well end up 
hurting your own long-term interests.

Got a Snickers bar?  This could take a while...

You didn't quote me, at least not in context, so I have to guess what you mean.

But if I think my party is about to make a MAJOR MISTAKE that would probably
give the White House back to the Fascist bastards, I should keep that to myself?

If I can't have my opinions, whose opinions should I have?

But you are right about my "long-term interests."
If I had any damn sense I would've hopped on the Obama bandwagon 
like 98 percent of all websites and media outlets - but I'm just too stupid.

Like an idiot, I said no to the money.

Wait, let's start over because I AM an idiot.
Why am I not getting rich like everyone else?
This is crazy - I need money more than most people and here I am
making some boneheaded stand on principle - and for what?

So Hillary can get back in the race and send Kos another $40,000?

<Bart does a shot>

The truth is, the vast majority of us WILL back the Demo candidate regardless 
of who it is or what we say today. (What, we're going to vote McCain?!?) 

The Obamas have declared their reluctance to help in November unless they win.
Should I take them at their word?

In slamming your own reader base, though, you're insulting people I would guess 
you'd like to have around (and potentially contributing) AFTER the election no matter WHO wins.

That's why we need for this war to be over.
I have two choices - I can fight or surrender.
Which choice seems more like me?

As I've tried to indicate, I know it's your page and I always take you with a grain of salt 
and STILL I feel, from time to time, some personal sting to your characterizations of Obama 
supporters. I can tell you, flatly, that you're not going to say anything that's going to alter my 
support for Obama but you run a tremendous risk that you might say something to alter my 
support for YOU. (I'm trying to make a point, not issue 'never-coming-back-again' threats )

If I talked about Obama the way people talk about the Clintons, 
I could certainly understand a bunch of people getting pissed off.
But the worst thing I've said about Obama is that he's low on experience
and that his followers seem more idealistic than, say, older voters. 

We on the left should be very, very careful not to destroy ourselves by attacking 
each other just because we have a difference of opinion on who should be the nominee. 
I'd like to see the debate limited to discussions of the issues and leave the "intangibles" 
and media-driven "conflicts" out of it.

We're going to leave media-driven conflicts out if it?
So the Clintons weren't blamed for getting all racial on Obama in Carolina?
Whew, I feel better.

When every pundit on TV (except Dan Abrams) "admits" the Clintons are racist scum,
I think a page refuting that fraudulent charge would be a good thing.

BTW, your "who-wants-a-pony" chart is wrong. The race is about garnering delegates. 
From that perspective, NV wants a pony, too. 
But would it REALLY be so difficult to say, Iowa preferred Obama, NH preferred Clinton?

OK, I plead guilty to applying "pony" status to states that I think voted "funny."

Everything cool now?

BTW, you're doing a great job at the BartBlog
Thanks, I wish we had more of you.

Note:   If someone had been away for a few years and came back today and saw 
how nice I was to you they'd probably think  had changed hands.

Maybe old age is mellowing me :)

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