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Subject: the Madonna situation


Your recent rant about Madonna leaves me with a few questions about
which side of the "whore media" that you think Madonna is actually on.

The subject here is: Should the whore media be allowed to kill an adoption
so they can get a "scoop" and sell a few more papers or commercials?
Remember - the sons of bitches would sell pictures of their mother
being raped by crackheads if they could make an extra nickle from it.

When I was a kid, there were lots of talented female performers, but once the media
discovered Madonna it's almost like there were no other "girl singers" and the hype
around Madonna skyrocketed. Everything she did was "fascinating" and the "whore media"
lapped it up with a spoon- and then sold it to a willing public in the 80's.
Selling her, even then, marginal quality records.

OK, you don't like Madonna, you have a right to not like anyone you want,
but that's not really the topic of my rant.

Now, like a lot of folks, I do admire Madonna. In the way you admire a whore for doing
what it takes to survive and/or thrive. I also think, like say in Ozzy's case, it can be very cool
for someone with limited musical ability to become famous and front a band or whatever.
Ozzy is an original, who has made the same record for YEARS. Madonna is a musical whore
who makes a record every few years just to cash in on whatever the "hip" musical or fashion
trend is. I guess that's ok, but all the while great female talents like Amiee Mann, and Julianna
Hatfield (who?)- who both have amazing guitar and songwriting chops- who write, sing, play
and produce their own excellent brand of rock and roll- go almost un-noticed.

I suppose it's the fact that they didn't wear a pointy bra and sell "sex" as music for most
of the 90's that made them not-a-household-name. (music and talent be damned.
If you put it in a pointy bra, it sells.)

Again, you're free to like whatever performers you want, but to suggest Madonna has sold
hundreds of millions of records because she wore a pointy bra on one tour is stupid.
It's like saying the Beatles were popular because they had long hair.

Look Bart, I'm no prude, and I certainly think there's room for everyone in today's music business.
But to defend Madonna so strongly, all the while admitting that you/we probably don't really know
what happened seems a bit nutty.

Defending the press's "right" to screw that baby out of his future seems even nuttier.

So you're saying that someone so media savvy as Madonna, so rich, so smart, so able to use
the media to promote herself so successfully for YEARS, now is so stupid that she doesn't know
what buttons she's pushing when she goes overseas to adopt a baby in lawless country?

the grand wazoo

Who said Madonna was stupid?
The point here is that the press decided to insinuate themselves into this.
They don't care if that baby lives or dies - they just want a headline.
They are attacking Madonna for the sole purpose of making money.

You have chosen to make this argument about your perception that Madonna's has no talent.
That's got nothing to do with anything I was talking about.

Is it your position that the press did their jobs here?

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