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Subject: Obama can't win

The FACT is that Obama will have a much harder time winning than Hillary or Edwards 
because all the Repubs have to do to win is bring up issues that polarize the races in the US.
If I was running the Repub campaign, I'd wait till about mid September, and plant about twenty 
or thirty dark skinned men with BIG voices in an Obama speech audience.  When the introductions 
were over, and Obama was about to speak, I'd have the one closest to the podium yell 

"What about our slave reparation money?".  Then all twenty of them start chanting 

A large part of the crowd won't join in - it's a sucker bet, some of them will.  
Then the talking heads at FUX start blathering, then NewsMax reports on the "secret deal" 
to give five trillion dollars to anyone with even a single slave ancestor, then ..... oh, hell, 
anyone can write the rest of it.  There are dozens of issues like that, slave reparations are just 
the nastiest one and the one that they'll use just before the election.  

Hillary has done the party no favor by NOT bringing up this kind of extreme baggage, 
she's handled Obama like a baby in diapers, and that's why she's behind.  That baby 
better grow up fast, he's about to walk into a boxing ring while he's still in diapers. 
As for the whole Wright mess, man, I've lived in the Deep South for a long time, and I've 
known and worked for and with a number of very well educated Blacks, and I've had them 
argue the same things Wright was saying.   It would not surprise me a bit if Obama believed 
quite a lot of it. it is VERY common. 
Well, hope for a lotta wins in November, the Repubs have 
certainly poisoned their own well, that's a fact!
Better days,

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