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Your 'Fair Share' of Taxes
  commentary by Mad Satyrist





Been seeing a lot of yatter from Republicans about the 47% and paying your fair share lately. 
So OK, lets just talk about that for a minute or two.

If you go by history, you'll find that in 1980 there were only about 15% who didn't pay federal
personal income tax.  About a third of those were truly poor, the rest were retired and in those
days Social Security was not taxed.   That number jumped to about 25% after the Reagan tax cuts,
and then went up more as Republicans insisted on a better route off welfare, so they came up with
earned income tax credit. 
And whose idea was that?  The patron saint of small government, Milton Friedman!
The number of people who didn't pay federal personal income tax slowly went up as wages
went stagnant, but then we got the crazy Bush tax cuts.  And BLAM, we had the number jump
to over 42%.   And his crash pushed the number over 45% and the Repubs started running on it.

Have you ever heard a Republican blame excessive tax cuts as the reason for the 47%?  Of course not,
tax cuts will fix it, just cut more and have a bigger issue to run on next election.  Republican sheep are
stupid enough to keep falling for that nonsense, do something, call it a problem, and then claim the fix
is to do some more of it. 

And that's why you never see a graph from the Repubs showing what that nonpaying number was in
the past.  They are afraid even their cheerful idiots will catch on if they run their noses in the truth,
that the number of persons not paying income tax IS DUE TO REPUBLICAN BACKED TAX CUTS

Look at chart number five.  And while we are at it, how about a quote from good ol' George Jr :

Nearly 5 million taxpayers will be off the rolls as a result of the tax relief this year.


No wonder Repubs wanted him out of the way at the convention. 
Romney was directly running against the same policies he was bragging about. 
With a remedy amounting to a massive hair of the dog!
According to the past writings of the Republican Party, the result of getting more people to
pay taxes would be an increase in the number on welfare!  So Romney was running against Bush,
Friedman and Reagan by promoting increasing taxes on the lower middle class and running on
growing the welfare state by so doing!

If anything on Earth shows the massive hypocrisy of the Republicans, it's the amount of
hypocritical verbage they've spent on this non issue they caused themselves. 

Keep the hammer flying,

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