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Subject: Sarah Palin

You use and example from the book Game Change to illustrate how stupid Sarah Palin is,
yet you try to discredit the SAME SOURCE when it recounts Clinton's racist comments.

 ha ha

Were you hoping to catch Ol' Bart making a mistake?

That was a trap I was hoping someone would be stupid enough to step in.
You made my day, moran.

We know the Clintons aren't racist - we know that for a fact.
The Clintons were Black people's best friends - until Obama fever spread.

We know Sarah Palin is dumber than a bag of hair - we know that for a fact.
Besides, it was McCain's people who said Palin was super-stupid and unable to learn.
And I remember her saying, "Can I call you Joe?" and I remember her "O'Biden" that slipped out.

McCain's people said Palin was so stupid, they had to explain world history to her - she knew nothing.
Worse, like Der Monkey Fuhrer, she has no desire to learn.

You know, I reallly wish I could see you try to do that in person, rather than hiding behind a low rent website.
I'd pay good money to see that.  Hell, I don't even think your buddy Jon Stewart would let you get away with that one.

You'd pay good money to see me tell the truth live?
That would make you smarter than Sarah Palin.

Be honest (if that is in fact a feat you could accomplish)...if Harry Reid were a Republican, do you think
you two-faced hypocrite sons of bitches would give him a pass on his "light skinned Negro dialect" comment?
Not a chance in Hell.  You really have no credibility at all.  Not a shred.

What Harry Reid said is true.
How can we argue with the truth that we've seen with our own eyes?

Oh, and ask (bag of insults) Perkel how many Democrats, as a percentage, opposed civil rights legislation.
Then, ask him how many Republicans did.  If he weren't lying through his teeth, the answers would be very different.

The facts are the facts and we don't have to hide from them.

Yes, 50 years ago when Reagan and Thurmond and Al Gore senior were Democrats, they argued
against civil rights for Blacks - that's why Reagan and Thurmond left the party to become Rethugs.

Why did you have to go back 50 years to find some racists in the Democratic party?
The answer is because we don't have any racists left - they're all in the GOP now.
You come across as an ignorant mother-effer, you know that?

One last thing - Reagan couldn't pass the purity test to get elected in today's GOP.

I hope your brain heals.

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