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Subject: Maher vs Stewart - disagree  

Bill Maher calls out Jon Stewarts "False Equivalency" by using a false equivalency of his own.
Jon Stewart does not think Keith is Glenn (but the poop joke is pretty damn funny)

First, you know I love Jon Stewart, but he has his faults and his positions.
For some reason, he has a LOT of Rethug guests, so I think he attacks Olbermann
now & then to show the Right how "fair" he can be and I'm not buying it.

I didn't see the rally but it was reported that Jon said we need to get the "extremists" from
both sides to chill and we don't have ANY extremists to rival Pigboy, Beck, Savage, etc.

Or that all issues have equal sides.

I'm not sure what that means.

The media's balance for balance sake is what the Daily Show fights against every week - Jon points this out constantly.

So why imply that the rapist and litterbugs are both "criminals?"
Isn't that what Stewart was doing?

Isn't holding a rally to say, "Let's all be friends" what Obama's been doing for two years?

Then Bill says the rally was about us reaching across to the moderates on the other side.
That wasn't the same rally I was at.

I took away from it that we need to not believe the black and white media war - and that we,
as people, are much more than the one dimensional stereotypes that we are labeled.
That we already work together - every day.
It's just that the loudest are the only ones heard.

The loudest, crudest bastards are being heard - not the Democrats.

This was not about politics but about people noticing we actually have more in common
if we take the time to calm down and talk like sensible sane adults.

I'm not trying to insult you, but you sound like Obama.
Do you think think wild dogs can be reasoned with?
How can you use a phrase such as
<>sensible sane adults to describe Rethugs and Teabaggers?

Then Bill goes on to compare the rally's message with Obama's futile attempt at bipartisanship - Huh?

I agree with Bill Maher on this.
Glenn Beck put on a "I hate that nigger" rally, using code words that fly on TV.
Stewart put on a "Can't we just all get along" rally that the Right laughed at.

When Jon interviewed Obama just 3 days earlier he confronted him about his timidness.

Great point!
Have you ever seen Obama more defensive than when he answered that question?
It's the closest thing to emotion we've seen from Mr. Spock.
He never gets that angry at a republican - I wonder why?

Devil's Advocate:
If Obama is a 10 on the appeaser scale and
<>if Jon is an 8, they're both appeasers
and we're about to be "appeased" out of f-ing existence if we don't start fighting back.

He knows the repugs are the party of NO - he calls them out on it on his show all the time.
But, the rally was about people not politicians - Maher's New Rules was about politics.

So, what was Jon's crime? - he dared to point out that Olbermann often engages
in hyper-partisan rhetoric which - wait for it - he does.

So you agree with Jon  - Olbermann is another Beck, another Pigboy?
I'm saying it's not the same. Olbermann in his angriest drunken rage
would never be 1/10 as hatefull as the average right-wing, racist bastard.

As for Bill's courage? - This particular criticism had been out for a week and was
extremely popular - Bill was just jumping on the bandwagon.

Bill Maher is only on TV once a week.

If you want courage watch this:

And this:

Keep swingin' that hammer
 Peter in Marietta, GA

Thanks for the tangle, Peter.


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