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Subject: Malloy talked with Sacramento affiliate today

Hey Bart, I'm listening to Mike talk to our Air America affiliate here in Sacramento...

 He said that it WAS a financial of the big wigs wasn't seeing a big enough return 
on their investment apparantly and was looking to cut expenses (maybe he shoulda tried Haliburton??)

 Mike says that that Laura Flanders will be taking over his spot and since Flanders comes with her 
own sponsors, Air America doesn't have to pay Mike said, it took them about 7 seconds 
to make the decisions to can Mike- who was the lowest paid in the bunch by the way...

 He mentioned the lack of radio background that more than one of the CEO's have.  Goldberg, who 
came from the record industry, screwed up things pretty bad, thus was given a nice golden parachute 
in Mike's words, and they brought in a guy who's from the freakin' cosmetics industry (oy, my head is
starting to hurt)...

 He was asked if there was a chance that his stance on certain political issues (Israel, 9/11) played a 
factor is his being fired.  He didn't dismiss it, but I didn't get the feeling from him that that was a main
reason...he said that it was important to discuss those issues especially cuz they're politically taboo
- what a concept, eh?

 He says there's no chance of him coming back to Air America- even if they begged him.  
They embarrased him, let him talk about his upcoming renewed contract and return to NYC, 
then finds out ON HIS WAY TO WORK that he's fired.

 He was on our affiliate for an hour, took some calls, ranted a bit with our local hosts, and it felt like 
our own little personal Malloy show- as good a swan song as anyone could hope for, I guess...

 Anyway, I just wanted to give you a head's up from what I heard this morning... I'm pissed off to be 
sure and sent a comment to AA saying so.  Way to be an example of how a liberal/progressive radio 
network deals with employment/business issues- fire him on his way to work...assholes.

Cheers and best Bart,
Sacramento, CA

Fran, thanks for that.


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