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Subject: Why I hate the Clintons  - and why you should, too

You understand that there will be no reform under a Clinton administration? 

That's crazy talk - have you been eating magic mushrooms?

If that's the case, why support her? 

You understand that Godzilla will eat you tomorrow.
If that's the case, why not send me all your money?

If it comes down the Guiliani v Edwards or Guiliani v Obama, Guliani will lose. 
There is so much shit on that guy. The fireman will take him on. The rescue workers will take him on.
The Catholic Church will take him on. Donna Hanover and Judith Regan will take him on.
And the fundamentalist right will abandon him. So why not back a Dem reformer?

Why gamble with a pair of Tens when you can gamble with a pair of Queens?
I see Hillary as the stronger hand - you don't, we disagree.

I'm still thinking Edwards is the guy. An Edwards/Obama ticket would be fabulous.
They would represent real change. Who wants to give Limbaugh and O'Reilly another
four or eight years of material ...a rehash of Lewinsky, travelgate and the rest of their B.S. 
Enough already!

You think Limbaugh and O'Reilly will play nice if Edwards is the nominee?  
Are you kidding?  
They will "fag" Edwards to death, like they already have.

Too Bad Gore and Kerry chose not to fight? Too bad Scalia and Slappy were appointed to the Court.  
Too bad James Carville stabbed Kerry in the back in an effort to ensure another Clinton presidency. 

That's crazy talk.

Son of a bitch sold the country down the river so he could retain power.
If the Bush/Cheney crowd stay in power, Mary is employed, and four years later he gets back
in the game with another Clinton. I cannot stand that son-of-a-bitch and his stupid Meet the Press
dog and pony show with Matalin. He looks like a maniac and I have no doubt he behaves like one too.

So, this is personal - you just don't like the way the man looks.

Why didn't Gore and Kerry fight? 
Why didn't Clinton pursue the criminal behavior of the Reagan and Bush administrations?  
How can you attack Gore and Kerry and excuse Clinton?

Gore and Kerry promised they'd fight until the end, but instead, they surrendered early.
Clinton's "crime" was not seeing into the future.

You think Clinton's "crime" was worse.
I disagree.

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