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Subject: Twenty Questions for Mamie Van Doren

Questions by Bart - answers by Ms Van Doren


1. Of all the men you dated, who was the most fun spirit?

Burt Reynolds was the most fun.  I never stopped laughing through the whole evening. 
At the end of the night, however, when we got right down to IT, he was, um, a big let down.

2. What was the most fun you ever had in one evening?

Outside of my husband, who has a highly developed sense of humor--we  always make each other laugh
--I think Jack Dempsey.  I was a showgirl in New York when I met and started dating Jack.  I was eighteen 
and he was in his fifties, but it was like he was eighteen himself.  He was very full of life and the most popular 
man in New York and he liked 'em young.  We went to boxing matches and the best restaurants and all the 
exciting events in the big city. 

                        Mamie in New York with the great Jack Dempsey

Age never mattered to me, even to this day. Also, Bo Belinsky kept me laughing.  We had, during our 
short romance and engagement, tons and tons of fun.  For me a sense of humor is essential in a mate or date. 
And, of course, sex appeal. I like laughing, dirty jokes, and enjoying life.  Serious guys turn me off 
and I have found they are dull in bed.

3. Did you ever smoke pot with a famous musician?

Quincy Jones, Jim Morrison, and Johnny Rivers, the last two at the old Whiskey a Go Go.

                                 Mamie in May, 2007

4. Did you ever meet Judy Garland?


5. Was Jack Benny a nice guy?  Was he really a cheapskate?

Jack was not a cheapskate. 
I did his television program and I was late for the rehearsal because of traffic.  He never forgave me. 
He was very professional and serious about being funny.  He had just done a show with Marilyn, and I think 
he expected me to be like her.  I am VERY unlike Marilyn.  I never thought Jack Benny was that funny.

        Mamie with Edward G. Robinson

6. Got any good Vegas stories you can share?

Oh, God. I have so many that I would love to share, but many of the participants are still alive.

7. Tell us something about Mickey Hargitay.

Mickey was a wonderful father and a good friend.  I visited him and the kids shortly after Jane's death
in Biloxi, Mississippi.  (She was taking a job for me when she was killed.)  I always liked Mickey and I think he liked me.

           Mamie with Tony Curtis and Mara Corday

8. What's the one question you wish somebody would ask - but never does?

9. What's the one question you're most tired of answering?

What was Marilyn like?

10. Please tell us a Clark Gable story.

  Mamie on set of Teacher's Pet (1958) with Clark Gable

Gable put me in Teacher's Pet because he saw me in the Warner Bros commissary.  I didn't even know he 
had seen me.  I got a call from my agent saying Gable wanted me to be in his next movie.  I played a cute 
little bimbo love interest.  He was so old by then that our scenes looked like a kidnapping.  (ha ha)
He told me that I reminded him of Carol Lombard. He invited me to his dressing room for martinis and he 
had my pictures pinned up on the walls.  I had a martini kiss (with mustache).  Too bad he was married.

      Mamie out-drinking Pamela Anderson at the Vanity Fair party.

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