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Subject: Obama people

The Obama supporters are such vile people, and say unbelievable
things about her on DU; that it would make most people blush.

Not liking someone is one thing, but calling names is another.
I was devastated  while reading several posts  that said that Keith Olberman
despises Hillary; also, it bothers me for Jon Stewart to go after her for losing
those elections, and giving Obama passes on everything.

It's another Bush scenario; wherehe's going to be hand-picked
and held up as the Messiah in order to see that he is president.

Many of our friends are either not going to vote at all or will vote
for the republican nominee. This is serious business, and it really bothers me.
Thanks for helping me keep my sanity through all this B.S.
 M in M

M, I don't think they are bad people.
I might call them idealistic, but that's not even a bad thing to be.

DU can be full of Turd Burglars.
There are even people there who don't like me :)

Not sure about Olbermann, but I think Jon just goes for the joke.
Granted, jokes about "Hillary's anus" aren't very funny, to me, but maybe
Jon will be better when his writers get back in their daily routine.

Hopefully, in 3 weeks, this war will be over and we can all be
one big happy family as we kick McCain's I-love-war ass!

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