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Subject: Hilary and AIPAC

Obama is Hilary's Nader. 

No, Obama is Hillary's VP.
They're just campaining to see who gets the top spot.
BTW, Hilary Duff has one "L", Hillary Clinton has two.

He is going to clobber her, but he is not ready for the job. 

You think he can outwit the Big Dog?
Are you new to American politics?

He'll be ready for the big job after 8 years as VP.

He has the support of AIPAC as does Hilary, so at least we know
the war will go on for years and years, as it would with Hilary... 

You sure have good sentence structure - for a crazy man.

...and attacking Iran will never be off the table with either of them. 
So WTF difference does it really make? 
They are both bought and paid for by the Zionists.

So, you're one of those Israeli crazies?
Did that issue drive you crazy like it did Neil in Vt and Altoceste?
Or were you crazy to begin with?

Why is it you never mention AIPAC, Bart?  

The reason is - I'm too smart to get sucked into that black hole of insanity.

Or do you willingly ignore temporary marriage of convenience between
the neocons, the Christian right and Zionists in Israel? 

I willingly ignore the people whose minds have been destroyed by that no-win issue.

When I choose my candidates since 1967, I look at how much funds they have courted from AIPAC. 
Those funds are a direct measure of  their indebtedness to Israel vs the security of the United States.

If it comes down to Hillary, the cross-dresser and Bloomberg, good luck. 

Hilary is bought and paid for by the Zionists in Israel, via AIPAC, in a MAJOR way. 
So is Obama.

Can you list the people not bought and paid for by the "evil Zionists?"
I have a feeling that list would be shorter.

Hilary owes the Knesset to support an attack on Iran and Syria. 
Why else would an otherwise ordinarily sensible being come out as a war hawk?

Ahmahandjob has promised to erase Israel as soon as they perfect the nuke.
Why are you so eager to see a nuke-u-ler war in the Middle East?

And you were thinking Hilary Clinton would reign in the current insanity 
and begin to restore order if she were elected?

Dream on, mother-effer.
 Richard M, crazy as a blue fire truck

Following Bush? 
Sure, I'll bet Hillary seems sane.

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