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Subject: Marginalize

Certainly a candidate is supposed to try to marginalize his opponent on things like the opponent's 
qualifications or record, but attempting to marginalize him on the basis of his RACE is WRONG.  

And that is exactly what Bill Clinton did when he deliberately skipped over several previous 
Democratic white winners of the SC presidential primary (who eventually lost) in order to liken 
Obama's win to that of two black symbolic runners whose wins were of close to no significance.

But Obama and Jackson won Carolina because they were Black - right?  Obama got 7 of every
10 Black votes - and it's racist if Clinton says it but it's perfectly OK for CNN to say it?  
How could the white Democrats get Black votes because of their race?   It makes no sense.

Some people, perhaps even you, will forever consider Bill Clinton a racist
because he mentioned a fact about Blacks who win primaries in Carolina.

If an Irish man won in Boston, would it be permissible to mention that?  Sure.
If a Cuban wins in Miami, is it OK to mention that?  Sure.
But a Black man winning in Carolina is down & dirty racism?  That's crazy.

Ferraro similarly tried to use race to marginalize in saying that Obama is where he is 
largely because he is black, and that if he were a white male, he wouldn't be there.

Let's stop pretending we know what Ferraro meant.
BTW, what happened to all the white men running?  Where did they go?
Did they drop out because they were white and Obama isn't?

Ferraro's racism blinds her to Obama's great political skills...

Gee, you're not playing favorites at all - right?

Ferraro's racism blinds her to Obama's great political skills, intelligence and charisma 
just at it blinds her to the fact that a clearly unqualified white male, George W. Bush, 
in achieving the White House, not once, but twice, soundly refutes her statement. 

I have no idea what you just tried to say. 
It sounded like you said  "Bush won because he's white," 
but Gore and Kerry are white, too, so what did you really mean to say?

Frankly, I wouldn't put it past Ferraro to say that Tiger Woods wins because of his race.  

Dude, that's sounds like crazy talk from a starry-eyed schoolgirl in love,
but you might've stumbled into the best answer on the subject:

Tiger wins because the ball fell into the cup.  Maybe Ferraro meant to say Obama 
gets 7 of 10 votes NOT because of his great political skills, intelligence and charisma, 
but because people tend to vote for one of their own - or is that a "racist fact," too?

And Bart, I regard the repeated references to Obama as "the black guy" that appear in 
BartCop as a similar attempt to use race to marginalize Obama and to remind readers 
that because of his race, he is unelectable. 

Obama's skin color IS a factor if I mention it or not.
If a Black man is unelectable in today's racist America, you can't pin that on me.

Some people seem to think nobody can tell if Obama is black until some terrible 
racemongering Hillary fan mentions it - and blows the lid off the big, big secret.

Do you really think he's going to win Alabama, Mississppi, Georgia, Carolina, Utah, 
Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Idaho and Wyoming etc in the general election?  

Remember: Gore was too radical for right-wing Tennessee.
How's Obama going to appear less liberal than Gore?

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