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Subject: Marilyn Monroe's murder 

Hey Bart,

You wrote: "The LA coroner said MM died of an overdose of pills, but there were no 
gelatin pill remnants in her stomach so how did the drug get in her system?"

Supposedly the hit team shoved a nembutal suppository up her butt.  
I don't know if this site is any good but the story is here:

"The killers waited for the cover of darkness and, sometime before midnight, entered Marilyn's home.  
She struggled at first, it was said, but already drugged by the injected sedative, thanks to Bobby's doctor friend, 
their rubber-gloved hands easily forced her nude body to the bed.  Calmly, and with all the efficiency of a team 
of surgeons, they taped her mouth shut and preceded to insert a specially "doctored" Nembutal suppository into 
her anus.  Then they waited.

The suppository, which [Charles] Nicoletti said had been prepared by the same Chicago chemist who concocted 
the numerous chemical potions for the Castro hit, had been a brilliant choice.  A lethal dosage of sedatives administered 
orally, and by force, would have been too risky, causing suspicious bruising during a likely struggle, as well as vomiting
- a side effect that typically resulted from ingesting the huge quantities necessary to guarantee death. 

Using a suppository would eliminate any hope of reviving Marilyn, should she be found, since the medication was 
quickly absorbed through the anal membrane directly into the bloodstream.  There'd be nothing in the stomach to 
pump out. Additionally, a suppository was as fast acting as an injection, but left no needle mark for a pathologist 
to discover.  In short, it was the perfect weapon with which to kill Marilyn Monroe. 

Indeed, within moments of insertion, the suppository's massive combination of barbiturates and chlorylhydrate 
quickly entered her bloodstream, rendering her totally unconscious.  The men carefully removed the tape, 
wiped her mouth clean, and placed her across the bed. Their job completed, they left as quietly as they had come."

So America's Attorney General ordered the murder?
I might believe that if he was a Republican 


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