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Subject: A Marine speaks Part 2

Al Queda fucked up by fucking up with us, President Bush had the guts to give us the order to go in. 

After 9-11, every president would've gone after those responsible.
If Bush had "guts," why didn't he come to work when they told him,
"bin Laden is determined to strike the inside US with planes very soon?"

Besides, Al Qaeda could've struck again while Clinton was president,
but they knew it would be easier with a moron like Bush in charge.

As for Iraq - that dictator committed war crimes in which he was arrested and punished by the Iraqi people. 

That's semi-true, but Reagan, Bush & Cheney did business with Saddam AFTER those crimes.
He was hung for crimes he commiteeed in 1982 - if you'll allow the facts into this debate.

Reagan and Bush armed Saddam to fight Iran in the mid-eighties, so why did they get
their panties in a wad in 2002 over crimes that happened BEFORE they partnered up?
Plus Cheney sold Saddam oil field equipment all thru the 90s.
Don't you know anything about the people you're willing to die for?

It's about the oil - you have to face the facts.
Truth is, you have no idea what you're talking about or fighting for.
That's sad.

Apparently its slowly becoming a good thing that we went in. 

Seventy four percent of Iraqis want us out of there.
They hate us more than Saddam.

Over 50% of Iraqis say it's OK to kill American soldiers, 
so how do you figure Bush's bloody quagmire is a "good thing?"

How many soldiers have to die before this quagmire looks dark to you?
How many sections of walls will they need for the Iraqi War Memorial?

Let's say they can fit 400 names on each section - right now the names
of the dead will fit on ten sections of the Iraqi War Memorial Wall.

Whoops - I just checked.
The official tally now is 4001 dead for no reason, so we need eleven sections of wall 
to fit the names of all the brave men and women that died because of Bush's oil greed..

As for the falsehood claim. No I am a US Marine not for the war but because I want to, Im respected more 
because i joined in a time of war because i wanted to, so long as the job needs to be done and the commander 
in chief says finish the job then I will be out there away from my family, its the job i signed up for. 

What if the Commander in Chief is a corrupt moron?
What if the Commander in Chief is a spoiled chils who steals what he wants?
What if the Commander in Chief is the type of guy who giggles when he kills?

All you are doing is saying that we (marines) have wasted our time and there is no reason we have gone to Iraq. 

Seventy two percent of Americans agree with me.
Most people now realize what a boneheaded loser Bush is.
Read a newspaper - turn on FOX News - even Republicans are saying
that Bush's massive screw ups are killing the GOP - possibly for decades to come.


On the other hand, if you were to wise the fuck up, it might save your life
or save your legs or your ability to recognize your family.
Do some meth and tell your CO that you're gay and hooked on drugs.
If you're a druggie, they'll still take you, but not if you're gay.
I might be saving your life - if you've got enough sense to listen to me.

PS. When Hillary is your Commander in Chief,
      will you be willing to risk your life for her, too?

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