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Subject: I'm for Onama


I'm behind Obama, but will gladly vote for Clinton over ANY  republican.
Whoever gets elected, let's hope they don't turn into another Pelosi.

<Bart stands and applauds...>

The neocons have been demonizing Hillary since the early 90's  and it worked great, obviously.
There was a right-wing conspiracy then, as she said, but most people will stay too uninformed
to realize that same conspiracy is responsible for their feelings about her today, even though most
of what was said was either untrue, unproven or just plain nasty.

Yes, and many of the Left bought into those lies and stayed there.
I still get mail about Mena Airport and Vince Foster.
Ken Starr said none of that happened, but some on the Left are not convinced.

I never thought I would live through a mob mentality of hate directed at someone just trying to
get everyone health care.  All they have to do is read David Brock's "Blinded by  the Right" if they
want to educate themselves on who was responsible  for all of it early on.

I think Hillary  is a different person today with less passion for the things she stood  for in the 90's
and more political savvy in her decisions now, which doesn't comfort me.  Also, as with the Bush Family,
I am sick of this country being controlled by the same families over and over.

So far, it happened ONCE.
Do you know the value of one?

We need people with that are a little poorer and a little less connected.
That pretty much sums up why I'm behind Obama.

Obama is the most connected politician in America.
He has the most money and the most endorsements from the "political elite."

If Clinton does get  in, I hope her old self will shine through again, but I fear that part of her
might be gone.  I looked through her website for a health care plan that is similar to universal
health care as she touted in the  90's.  Sadly, it no longer exits.  Her and Obama both have
the same watered down plan.

Thanks for keeping on.

Mark, I found your e-mail confusing, but I realize 
it's not always easy to say exactly what you mean.

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