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Subject: NSA Spying: More Dangerous That We Can Imagine




Hi Bart,

Bart, you are great and I think you should not take the heat.  You have already said but should repeat every issue:
"Send me your most powerful arguments against; send me your most powerful arguments pro.  I'll print both equally."

You are a great blogger, but I think you are underestimating the extreme and  permanent damage that the government
snooping scandal is having, and will have, on the left and the Democrats.   There is a very deep anger and vivid sense
of betrayal that is not going away, however it is papered over and ignored by everyone else.

I think every American should really, really consider that NOT ONE newspaper in the whole country was looking into this,
or doing anything about it!  A British newspaper is the only free paper we have and the only one telling Americans the truth. 
People should be extremely concerned about the future of our country based on this alone.  Conclusion: You can not trust
ANY American news source, none of them.  Certainly not the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal or the Boston
Globe or the LA Times!  No newspaper is looking out for Americans or acting in the pubic interest.  There is no Fourth
Estate left.  There are no checks and balances in our government anymore.

It is splitting the current big tent wide open.  Once Humpty-Dumpty falls, he is not coming back together again.

Granted you said we don't really know the facts.  But think about what you and I do know.  Since you and I both lived
through Nixon, we KNOW what government spying is and about the FBI, CIA and Military Intelligence infiltrating the
Vietnam anti-war movement to provoke violence.  I knew in 2001 that they were doing this - based on past and obvious
recent history - but was always laughed at and called paranoid on the left wing blogs at the time.

However, now in 2013, it has been revealed that hundreds high tech companies in addition to Google and Facebook
give our private info over to the government in exchange for secret government info from the CIA and NSA. 
What are our corporate overlords and hundreds of thousands of Homeland Security private contractors sharing
about you and your friends and family?

You will not see Facebook address this of course.  What kinds of secret information?  What advice or secrets does
the NSA, CIA or Military Intelligence provide Google, Facebook and these hundreds of other of our corporate Overlords??? 
Nobody except Greenwald and the Guardian will talk about this.

The Obama fake liberals and the greedy corporate techies -who have no soul or interest in history, want to rape us all
of our privacy for their corporate profits, and control the government through lobbyists like ALEC- are now firmly in bed
with each other.  Obama corp types, people who work for Akami, Google, Facebook, et al, and the millions of highly paid
do-nothing Homeland Security private contractors all want  want stupid and gullible public to go back to sleep, and obsess
over about rich, insane celebrities and let the press and right wing constantly move the goal posts of social norms to the
radical right.   I believe this is called oligarchy or plutocracy.  That is what we have ruling us.

I firmly believe that the 21s century 'Enemies List' will be corporations like Facebook and Google or nefarious radical
right wing billionaires like the Kotch Brothers controlling our private information, and snoop and discriminate against
people they do not like or who dare to challenge their power.

Certainly Feinstein of CA always was a useless tool and a corporate stooge. However, I can not vote or support any
so-called Dem who supports governments and corporations raping my life for their private gain in any way shape or form. 
So, goog-bye to Al Franken (No, I don't want to have lunch with you, Al, I'd rather throw up on you), Ed Markey
(I live in MA but will NOT be voting this time) all defend this unholy evil and plutocracy.   Markey Obama et al, are in bed
with and in the the pay of our corporate overlords.  Google and Apple and Microsoft  come first --and you and I come
in dead last.  And I do mean dead.

If you look at Congress, the only Democrat is a Socialist: Bernie Sanders.

The Senator from VT is the only real Democrat we have in Congress right now.  One and only one Senator. 
All the rest of Congress and the Courts need to impeached and tarred and feathered over this spying against
Americans and Americans taking it up the ass from Google and Fakebook.

And, yes, now a lot of real left people like me - or people who value their privacy anyway- will not be voting
or supporting Dems in 2014 or 2016.  So it will be Scott Brown all over the country, and especially here in Mass!!!

It is time for Dems to realize that have to leave the sinking ship that is Obama.  Bush killed the GOP and now
Obama is standing there stupidly holding the bag, is doing the same for the Dems.

Back to the Green Party for ME!


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