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Subject: Clinton's praise of McCain

Dear Bart,

 I keep reading & seeing editorials about the Clinton's praise of John McCain as though 
it is some surprise. It would appear that Bill Clinton's presidency was so obscured in scandal, 
that no one was paying attention to what was actually going on: the under-funding of  social 
programs, off-shoring of the economy, the doctrine of first  strike where "US interests" are 
threatened, NAFTA, the WTO, the  incursions into foreign nations based on retrospective 
grounds which were the result of such incursions, not the predecessor.

If you're going to make wild charges, you should number them
to make it easier for someone to straighten you out.

 It is instructive to remember that neo-conservatism is the re-dressed  neo-liberalism of the 
Milton Friedman school. 


That Richard Pearle once considered himself a liberal, but his politics have not  particularly changed. 

Lots of people are former liberals - including Reagan, Thurmond, Helms and Lott,
but they found they could make/steal more as Republicans.

If you look at McCain's record against  Bill Clinton's, it is arguable that McCain is more moderate, 

That's crazy talk...

...though not based on his current rhetoric. He is, remember, trying to get  elected as a Republican, 
while Ms. Clinton is attempting to get  elected as a progressive(?)     (Yes, I am aware that it is not 
Bill Clinton who is running - but it appears Ms. Clinton is running on her husband's experience.) 

You makes the wildest assertions without any foundation or sourcing.

I'm not suggesting that Mr. Obama is a whole lot better. The truly progressives candidates who might 
have worked  generally in the interest of the majority were eliminated early on. I  would suggest that 
what neo-liberals/neo-conservatives are afraid of  here is what Obama appears to bring with him: 
that being the minority  & youth vote. 

In order to keep the electorate voting against it's own  self-interest, one must keep the electorate 
marginalized. To a great extent, the corporatist elite in this country have been very  successful in 
doing that by marginalizing & dividing the sectors of  our society which might have the potential to 
come together in a strong progressive coalition, & particularly in alienating youth &  minorities. 
This is why we have the media focus on Mr. Obama's middle  name. The media focus on the 
Rev. Wright. Divide & marginalize.  This is what all statements that can be played by the media 
as racial  or sexist succeed in doing. When you attack each other you are attacking yourselves.

That said, I would not suggest that we vote for any  Republican candidate at this time however 
moderate, due obviously to  the boost that would likely bring to Republican candidates for congress. 

I'm voting a straight Democrat ticket, like always.

The most important goal at this point should be to push the  entire system to the left, & the Democratic
party is the best we have at this time, in terms of real elect-ability. So let's vote a Democratic ticket, 
whomever the candidates are, as Washington has become so Party polarized, & let's build the 
progressive coalition we need to retake this government & once again start working for the people.
 Mark in Yarmouth, Maine

Aren't you busy trashing Clinton?
How will you find time to build that progressive coalition?

I think it's smart politics to say, "McCain is a war hero who almost died for his country,
but I think my wife would make a better president."

Ex-presidents can't really dump on ex-POWs who were tortured for years.

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