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Subject: Facts are fact concerning the Big Dog
First, I, too, think the Sheer article in question was written a bit...aggressively. 
I'm a Clinton fan, too.  I really love peace and bought my first house during the Clinton years
(only to lose it during the Bush disaster that followed - a victim of downsizing). 

But the fact is, Clinton signed the legislation that reversed Glass-Steagal, in essence, letting the genie out of the bottle. 

You have laid no foundation for "Glass-Steagel" equaling economic disaster.
I know that's generally accepted, but I haven't seen it.

What has Clinton said about GS?
He said signing that Communications Bill was a mistake, (I think) has he said similar about GS?

I don't know if you and I can effectively argue this.
Surely, neighter of us has read GS, so we're taking the pundits' word for it,  (plural possessive)
but if there was lots of good stuff included in GS, ...would the Left have mentioned that?

Has Clinton said anything like, "It was the best bill I could get?"
I just don't know enough about it.

The Right wants to blame Clinton for the housing crash and a whoooole lotta Democrats
are thinking, "Yeah, Clinton was a slick guy" instead of defending him.

It's still true that Bush 43 made no effort to re-contain the genie but Bill signed it.
I think the "signed it" part - which seems so trivial - is significant.  These bills weren't passed
over a Presidential veto, which would have let Clinton off the hook in my mind.  He signed them.

I'm still not sold on the GS equaling economic disaster.
Stating that as a fact gives the Bush bastards room to wiggle away from their many mega-crimes.

I say Bush's "hands off" policies were easily the top reason the economy crashed.
His FCC didn't know what was going on and didn't care what was going on.

The whistleblowers were told, "There's no problem, Go back to what you were doing."

Now, as a Big Dog fan, I've spent considerable time trying to justify things like that and NAFTA,
which became the tool the Plutocracy used to offshore many of our jobs. 

I don't agree.
Like with GS, I'm pretty sure you've never read, or fully understand NAFTA.

When I ask, "What's wrong with NAFTA?" people send me forty links.
Nobody knows what wrong with NAFTA, but they're very sure that it's Clinton's fault.

The very BEST I can "give him" is that these deals were necessary in dealing with the Repug Congress
in order to get the "surplus".  ("Surplus" is in quotes because one cannot have a "surplus" if one is carrying debt...)

See?  There you go.

Has anybody considered the possibility that Clinton got the best deal he could?
People wanted Clinton to vote a certain way on every bill.
When they only got 3/4 a loaf, they called Clinton a sell-out.

...and just to make a point - which modern Democrat president did better than Clinton?

If we blamed Clinton for EVERYTHING BAD that happened on his watch,
and gave him HALF
the credit for the GOOD things that happened on his watch,
wouldn't he still be the best modern president - by far?

Who else would even come close?


Further I think Clinton expected Gore to be allowed to serve the Presidential term he (Gore) won
putting Gore in a position to fix things should they go wrong.

Let's not go there...
I could ALSO make a case that Clinton simply made a mistake. 

He was, after all, only human and the GOP had spent SO MUCH time rooting around in his zipper
(and everywhere else) it's entirely reasonable that he simply miscalculated the potential effects of
the legislation as a result of the distraction.

One last Objection!
I don't stipulate that GS automatically equals economic disaster.
I'm guessing GS, with a "pro-business" president equals economic disaster.

But no matter how you slice it, Bill Clinton's name is on the bills that deregulated
the banking industry and led to the current meltdown.  I hate it, too, but facts are facts...
  Mark in Santa Rosa

Hey, I'm all for listing the facts.
When the chips fall where they may, no president looks better.

Here's how I see the score
Perfect President 1 - Clinton 0

Clinton 10 - Other presidents 1 each, Bush -3



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