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Subject: Your site

You have to be one stupid fool to actually believe that 
ANYBODY in DC is going to bring "change" to the big picture. 

So what's your solution - vote for the incumbent?

If you vote at all, you're just showing how dumb you really are. 

My readers know full well how dumb I am.

The federal government has to go - period. 

I believe it's a crime to call for the overthrow of the government.

The state legislatures need to withdraw from this union made in Hell. 

Now you're calling for the states to secede?
Who are you - Sarah Palin?

Osama wants to expand the genocide in Afghanistan, 
and Biden has always been a warmongering asshole. 

So you're so far to the Left, you think 9-11 should go unanswered?
Do you protect your wife and kids like that?

I'll glad you're not my Dad...

If you think that anything is going change if these crooks get the power, 
you're balancing an outhouse on your neck.

You can't divide the world into "change" and "not change," but you 
can say Obama would bring more changes faster than Old Man River.

How many naked pictures of Osama do you have, anyway?
 Maynard Peterson

ha ha

That's an odd question to ask a 55 year old married man.
Have you been making a lot of online friends asking that?  

ha ha

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