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McCain's Blunder - Is this a Trick?

I have a BAD feeling about this.

McCain hasn't had an idea of his own since he started running for President.
This is not a mistake by him...this is crafted by his handlers.
Here's the plan (I hope I'm wrong)

Wednesday: Maverick McCain puts "country first" and decides to go to Washington 
while Obama keeps campaigning. McCain looks like an old fool to everyone.

Thursday:  Talks stall and nothing is settled...all looks bleak. entire congress is split. 
McCain sits there and says nothing.

Friday: Presidential debate goes on without McCain, Obama talks about issues, alone on stage. 
McCain stays in Washington working "all night" on solutions.

Saturday: News hits that McCain has "saved the country" by crafting a deal with points that 
both parties can agree to that is sensible and bi-partisan.  Wolf Blitzer tells us how only a maverick 
like McCain can pull both sides together to save the economy. Every headline tells how only a leader 
like McCain could have "risked everything to bring about this deal which saved the nation".

I may be wrong..I hope I am.
But if I were Obama I wouldn't leave Washington until just before the debate and then 
I'd go right back there.  I wouldn't let McCain out of my sight until this whole farce is over.

Please tell me I'm worrying too much. 
Tell me that the Democrats in congress would see it coming and stop it. 
Tell me voters wouldn't fall for it if that happened.

Joe, I don't think McCain has the balls or the brains to pull that off.
He seems to delight in shocking people - not a great attribute for a president. 

This is McCain's "Hail Mary."
He's going all in with a 6 and a 10, hoping to get a 6 and two 10s on the flop.
Sure, it's possible, but the odds are 1-in-500.

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