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Is it wrong to remind Republicans that McCain recently changed his religion?

As someone who rejects all fairy tales, I wonder why that doesn't piss off more people.
He was Episcopalian, but now he's Baptist, I suppose because there are more
Baptist voters than Episcopalian voters - but who buys that crap?

Don't get mad at me if you did this, but if someone changes their religion 
to get married, wouldn't it be more honest admit there is no God?

One day you worship the Sol, then you meet a pretty girl
so you now agree to worship Luna?

That's crazy!

Or Ted Kenndy, who's a "good Catholic," so when he wants to divorce and marry some 
hot young thing, he writes a check to some Boston bishop and gets "Special Dispensation?"   

That's a Catholic handjob, right there.

Same for Rudy - he took his hooker to church!
He was banging his goomah while his wife was asleep in the other room at the mansion.
Did the hot shot Catholics have a problem with that?
Nooooooooooooooo, ...because they're Republicans.

Why do people lie to themselves about religion?
Why do people give money to robed charlatans to pretend there's a God?
How can the Okie with the 64 IQ see things so clearly?

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