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Subject: Will the GOP kill McCain?

Hey Bart,

I've expected Bushit and Chickn to do something to stay in office long after the election, 
or do something to cause the election from taking place. 

With Obama possibly being the Dem candidate I've been thinking that an aircraft accident 
would probably be the way they would get rid of him.  It would be just as easy as getting 
rid of Senator Wellstone.  Make it look like pilot error. 

Last night I was trying to think of a reason why the election could be delayed indefinitely, 
or at least for a year.  Something that the American public would stand for, or at least the 
Republican part of them.  And then it hit me. 

I truly think that they are going to kill McCain just before the election, if it looks like he will lose, 
or soon after if he wins. More than likely though it will be between the convention and the election, 
so they can claim the Republicans don't have time to come up with another candidate. 

A lot of Democrats would even say it is OK to delay the election to give the Repulsives
a chance to get a viable candidate.  That's why the White House is being so silent about 
this whole election.  They know that they aren't going any place next January. 

Either way, McCain is gonna get whacked.  Chickn and Bushit don't care if  Hilary, Obama, 
or Osama, gets the Democratic nomination. McCain is gonna die so they can keep making 
billions for their buddies and retire billionaires themselves.  Their payoff will make the Clinton's 
$109 M look like chump change.

Keep up the great work.  And if you have anyway to contact the McCain FAMILY, 
not his hirelings, please tell them all to stay out of airplanes after the convention. 
I seriously doubt if anyone near him can be trusted.  They are more than likely all CIA or FBI plants. 

He's gonna get it anyway.  No use in the whole family going down like the Wellstones.

Jeremy, let's hope you're wrong.  But I, too, think they will refuse to give up 
the unlimited power and the unlimited money Niagara they've had all these years.

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