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Subject: McCain the nasty, old geezer

Bart, as usual I gotta agree with you but also add my own two cents (which are worth 
about, what, .001 cent now?) about the Fascist Thug Candidate:
1.  He destroyed singlehandedly at least three U.S. government aircraft entrusted to him 
(a hell of a lot more if the truth were ever to come out about the tragedy of the carrier Forrestal).  
Reckless drunken macho Tailhook asshole does not equal 'Maverick." 
2.  He hates women.   Witness his treatment of his first wife, and his second wife (well documented 
he called poor little rich addicted Cindy a "c*nt" to her face in public, and the marriage is obviously 
for show and power only); also his hasty selection of Eva Braun the e.v.i.l.v.p.i.l.f.  He hates anyone 
who isn't rich, white and powerful.  He hates himself, for chrissakes.  He loathes democracy.
3.  He's the ulitmate spoiled child of privilege--anyone else but a son and grandson of Fleet Admirals 
would've been washed out/kicked out/slammed in irons for behaviour that Johnnie Asshole practiced 
repeatedly over years and years.  Some people get wisdom with age.  Others just get old.  He's a nasty geezer.
4.  War hero my ass.  He bombed innocent Vietnamese civilians and infrastructure (that is, if he didn't 
just chicken out and drop his load short).  He should thank the heroic Vietnamese who saved his life 
and imprisoned him as a pow instead of succumbing to what many would do to an enemy bomber pilot 
who just killed your villages and families.
The mainstream corporate media created a monster they invested so much love in they had a hard time 
disbelieving their own bs even when the truth pimp-slapped them upside they heads.  Most of his own 
Senate "colleagues" detest him and know he's a powderkeg ready to blow.  
(Maybe that's why J.Liebsaman and Linzey Graham are so gay for him?)
We do have to thank him for hastening the implosion of the GOP.
 Michael the Attorney

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