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Subject: The Media and War Fever

Dear Leaders of the Media,

I know that many of you have vested interests in the status quo (i.e., because you are rich, 
you tend to favor Republicans). Still, can't you see the idiocy of the present Bush-Cheney 
Administration? I mean, these morons started a preemptive war without clear evidence 
(no WMD's) against an "enemy" that never attacked or posed any imminent threat to us. 
There is absolutely no proof (and never has been any) that Saddam Hussein or Iraq was 
connected in any way with the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

And yet, Dick Cheney and George W. Bush and Condi Rice and Colin Powell have gotten away 
with lying to the world and to the American people. And the major American media (The New 
York Times, the Washington Post, the L.A. Times, the WSJ) have gone along with and never 
really exposed these lying scumbags. That's because the Beltway media is more concerned with 
protecting their "sources" (the lying scumbags) than they are about telling the truth to the American 
people. Sad, but true (and you know it).

Face it, we need more I.F. Stones -- not the David Broders or the David Brooks or the Ronald 
Brownsteins or any of these other middle-of-the-road wafflers. These people are useless as 
truth-tellers. Beltway "wisdom" is the view of people inside the gates of power. They cannot or 
will not see what is really happening inside our country or beyond it.

The Charles Krauthammers and the Bob Novaks are the true villains of this Administration's lies. 
Without them and people like them, the lies could not spread so virally. The right-wing media 
(FOX, Tim Rutten, Chris Matthews, et al) is just as responsible for the blood shed in Iraq as 
the Bush Administration. They are the ones who whipped up the "war fever."

The media stands indicted along with the Bush Administration. And you are all guilty.
 D Wyles

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