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I have a slightly different theory.  Remember this? 
This ran for years and years on

Note: I put this on a separate page so it can be e-mailed to others.

Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade to, say 7 million barrels a day.

The Iraqi oil wells had no meters on them.

Towards the end of the Bush Nightmare, oil was selling for $100 a barrel.
Seven million barrels a day at $100 per barrel is $700M every day.

Bush was stealing $700,000,000 every fucking day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

$100M a day, 
then $200M a day, 
then $300M a day
then $400M a day, 
then $500M a day, 
then $600M a day eventually topping 
$700M every goddamn day - where'd that money go?

At the time, I kept wondering - how will they collect this money?

I predicted that Bush would resign a few days or weeks early, to allow that illegal loot to be 
transfered to him because - if Bush & Cheney left power hoping their cohorts would keep their word 
and give them their share of the trillions they jointly stole, Cheney would be president and he could 
attack Dubai or Kuwaiit - whoever had their loot, if they tried to renig on the loot-sharing..

That didn't happen, but they still had to figure a way to collect their loot.
They had to figure a way to collect that loot while still in office.

Is it possible that Bush's giant "financial meltdown" in Oct 2008 paid them back?

The meltdown solved everything.

The experts keep telling us the money "evaporated," which is 100% bullshit.
When trillions of dollars go missing, they don't evaporate - they get fucking stolen.

I don't have the brains or the financial background to say how they pulled this off,
but do we believe it was a coincidence that this massive meltdown 
occured just as Bush & Cheney were about to collect the trillions 
they stole from the no-meter oil wells from their dual wars?

When trillions "go missing," you know the Bush bastards are involved.
Somebody bet on Wall Street to fail and somehow, the Bush bastards cleaned up doing it.

There's no sense in stealing trillions of dollars if you can't collect.
They had to find a way to collect their stolen trillions while still in office.

Many, many trillions were lost when that money "evaporated" on Bush's watch.
Trust me - the Bush bastards got their money - they always do.

At the very least, they stole a billion or two in the "Save Wall Street" panic
but that doesn't explain where the stolen trillions from Iraq went.

Maybe someone out there who knows Wall Street will see this idea and extrapolate.

A - We know they stole that much money every f-ing day with their no-meters oil wells..
B - No sense stealing it if you can't collect it.
C - They had to get paid while still in office.
D - The Wall Street crash has to be their payback vehicle.

E - If Bart commits "suicide" in the near future, you'll know I was right..

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