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Subject: Mentally ill thief allowed to keep stolen assault rifles in Knoxville, Tn.

My name is Larry D. Henderson and I live in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. 

Yesterday, (Wed., 23, July) I went to Sessions court to try to force Alvin Lee McNutt, 
a mentally ill, former hard drug user, alcoholic, moonshine seller, and violent west Knoxville man, 
to return my 4 assault weapons he stole from me. Judge Emery REFUSED to even hear the case.

He confused my upcoming August divorce, deliberately it seems, with the stolen guns somehow. 
He would cut me off when I tried to explain. The lawyer representing McNutt whispered something 
to judge Emery before court began and the judge nodded and that was all it took for Mr. McNutt to 
be allowed to keep the stolen rifles. McNutt took two from my gun safe and two from a closet. 

McNutt lives in low income subsidized apartments in West Knoxville, Tennessee. He possesses a 
Tennessee handgun carry permit. He was accompanied by his close friend and fellow marijuana user, 
Darla J. Henderson, an employee of UT Medical Center Knoxville who provided McNutt with her 
attorney free of charge. He carries a handgun around in his pocket often. He holds a Tennessee 
Carry Permit. His ex wife use to often have to call the police to their Corryton home when McNutt
would become violent. He once threatened to shoot his ex wife, Lenore Peggioli.  

So McNutt STILL has these 4 semi auto high capacity rifles in his possesion. 
He apparently may NEVER be forced to return them to ME their lawful owner. 
This is a news story the public really does need to hear. Wouldn't you agree?

    -Larry D. Henderson

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