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Michelle Obama Gets a Pass
 She'll "think about" voting for the Democrat


Some Democrats are saying that Michelle went too far -- and is getting a free pass --
after suggesting she would ''have to think about'' supporting Hillary if she wins.

Mrs. Obama was quoted on the subject on ''Good Morning America,'' and her quotes 
were repeated in the New York Whore Times. Asked whether she would support Clinton 
as the Democratic nominee, Michelle Obama told GMA: ''I'd have to think about -- 
her policies, her approach, her tone.''

One reader said the remark should be considered ''an outrage'' by Democratic voters, 
who expect both candidates to pledge unity following the picking of a nominee. He said 
Obama's quote came off as an underhanded slap, ''like saying, ''rhymes with witch.''

Martha Whetstone, a longtime friend of the Clintons -- but who has also helped organize 
a fundraiser for Obama in the past -- said the remark was also a tangible example of a
disturbing double standard by the media.

''If the Clintons -- or anyone associated with them -- had said something like that, 
it would have been everywhere. Hillary's campaign would have been stopped on 
the tracks. It would have been headline news,'' said Whetstone.

But in Obama's case, the remark was barely reported or commented on by the media.

Could the media being playing softball with the Obamas?

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