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Subject: Toyota Talk 


I was a little surprised that you edited out the part where I conceded:
"Sure, American car-makers waited way too long to make quality cars. We all ackowledge that."
and I guess I wasn't surprised that you wouldn't take up the space to print my antecdote about my 
brother-in-laws' great history with Fords or that you skipped over the fact that I'm a happy Honda car owner, 

I have to edit when people have sentences or paragraphs that aren't needed.
Have you ever heard a guy on the radio take calls when the caller just prattles on?

If you know a guy who had great luck with a Ford, that's kinda useless information,
because America got burned by Detroit - that's why they switched to Honda and Toyota.

I'm shocked at how many people write and say, "Bart, I thought of something when I was driving to 
my grandmother's house just south of Topeka, Kansas while eating a jelly donut a week ago last Thursday."
...and then they start to make a point.  All of that is unnecessary so I cut that stuff out.

When I do quotes, I often take out HALF the words because they're not needed.

but if you're waiting for evidence of criminal conduct perhaps you'll be interested in this story 
from a CBS blog about a guy who has spent four years in jail for driving a potentially criminal Toyota. 
(I'm being potentially metaphorical here) 

Apparently the jury didn't buy his story.
If it turns out Toyota caused that wreck, I hope they let him out
and I'd like to see Toyota compensate him for his losses.

I'm a long-time supporter of you Bart but I expect you to tell it like it is. 

What do you think I'm hiding or suppressing?
I think Toyota haters want me to hate Toyota - and they're personally insulted when I don't.

It's always the arrogance of the corporations- in this case Toyota. 
Do you really have to wait for a verdict to have an opinion?

I have an opinion right now - one that's based on the available facts.

There's lots of Bush corpratists and criminals who'll never see the inside of a court room. 
I don't think you've held your judgement about them.

Bush's crimes are much clearer than the accusations against Toyota.

Congress already has sworn testimony of Toyota executirves laughing this off


It's really hard to build a following when you're in the opinion business.
You're a long-time supporter who's angry with me because - on this subject - we disagree.

I've lost subscribers for saying Ted Nugent can't play guitar.
I've lost subscribers for saying Ellen isn't funny.
I've lost subscribers for saying John Wayne couldn't act.
I've lost subscribers for saying I'd break a terrorist's thumb to save my mythical child.
I lost hundreds of subscribers for being late to recognize Obama's greatness in 2008.

People want me to share their opinions 100% of the time but that's not possible.

You hate Toyota - I get that.  But even after months of this cock-hunt-like witchhunt, 
most people still have a favorable opinion of Toyota and I'm with the majority.

I suggest we wait until after the problem is identified to string up Toyota execs.
That seems like the logical thing to do..

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