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Sports with Mike the Dealer

Hey all, totally fried right now, as I am a deeply addicted Warcraft player and the new expansion 
came out, so I’m just going to give you a quick going over of this week’s NFL plays before I
pass out at the computer, only to wake up a few hours later to continue the grinding in WoW land.

Home team as always in CAPS

FALCONS -6 Vs. Broncos

The Broncos are so bad on defense, but 6 is a lot…I’d avoid this game, 
put a gun to my head, I take Atlanta, cause I’m on their bandwagon.

Result: Falcons 38 Broncos 28

DOLPHINS -13 Vs. Raiders

Wow the Raiders are bad. The real play here might be the under 38 on the total, 
the Raiders score TD’s never. I’d have to take the Fish here.

Result: Dolphins 24 Raiders 6

**156 star play of the week**

GIANTS -7 Vs. Ravens

Love love love the Ravens here…They match up well with the Giants and are 
getting a TD. This is my favorite game of the week.

Result: Giants 20 Ravens 17

COLTS -8.5 Vs. Texans

Texans had the last game Vs the Colts won, Vegas way overrates the Colts, 
as does the public, because they are “The Colts”. Take the points

Result: Colts 27 Texans 21

The Unbeatable Titans -3 Vs JAGS

This would be my number 2 play of the week, Jags aren’t that good,
and the Titans…Are unbeatable.

Result: The Unbeatable Titans 24 Jags 13

PACKERS -4 Vs. Bears

Packers need this game like blood, they are home so they should 
get it even if Kyle Orton plays for the Bears.

Result: Packers 28 Bears 20

Eagles -9 Vs. BENGALS

Smarting from a home loss to the Giants the Eagles get a doormat of 
the NFL to crush into a fine ashen powder. I’d lay the points here.

Result: Eagles 35 Bengals 13

Saints -5 Vs CHIEFS

No idea on this game, I hate both teams, except for the fact that the Chiefs are going
to unload Larry Johnson after this year to the Patriots. So for that I’ll give them a cover.

Result: Saints 24 Chiefs 21

PANTHERS -14 Vs Lions

Two Tds?! Heck no, I ain’t giving that many points this year. Panthers are more 
than capable of having an offensive stink fest like they did last week.

Result: Panthers 14 Lions 3

BUCS -3.5 Vs Vikings

Tampa doing it with smoke and mirrors for yet another year. 
I have no faith in the Vikings however.

Result: Bucs 16 Vikings 10

49’ERS -6 Vs Rams

You know you’re horrible when you’re getting nearly a TD against a team 
that’s 2-7 and has already fired it’s coach. I say it’s for a reason and the Rams get crushed.

Result: 49’ers 35 Rams 10

Cowboys -2.5 Vs REDSKINS

Man how can Dallas be a favorite with all the drama going on there. 
I guess I take the Skins to win on the field here.

Result: Redskins 28 Cowboys 17

BILLS -5.5 Vs Browns

Man I bet this looked a lot better when they planned it out, two up and coming teams 
ready for the playoffs, now the Browns are horrible and the Bills have the wheels coming off. 
I think the home crowd rallies the Bills to a season saving win and a cover.

Result: Bills 27 Browns 20

Star Plays for the season: 2-2

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