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Sports with Mike the Dealer

   Monday night looked to be a night of grand excitement as the undefeated Titans hosted the shockingly vulnerable Colts and the Phillies seemed to be dead set on winning a World Series. Me and two friends stumbled into a local Buffalo Wild Wings to partake of all this action and beast on their brand of food.

    This NFL season has been marked by just the total lack of knowing anything about any team. The Giants look like world beaters and then get their skulls caved in on a Monday night game at Cleveland. The Colts, who are always thought of as being a possible Super Bowl threat, entered Monday's game 3-3 and by rights should have been 1-5. Only one of the most amazing choke jobs in the history of sports, conducted by the Texans, and an unable to find the end zone Vikings offense , had allowed Indy to escape with two narrow wins.

    Going into this game my confidence was riding high, in spite of an endless amount of evidence to the contrary, most of which was the fact that all my money was still in the till at various sports books on the south side of the Vegas Strip. I still felt certain in my pick of a team led by Kerry Collins, who's two most famous moments in the NFL were being accused of using the n-word and getting beaten up by teammates for doing so, and gagging away a Super Bowl Vs the Ravens, would defeat at team led by first ballot Hall of Famer, and Super Bowl Champion, "God Arm" Peyton Manning.

    While the Phillies opened up a quick 2 nothing lead, thusly bringing my friends to loud cheers, as they had "Titans/Phillies" parley bets, the Colts managed to pierce the Titan defense for only the second passing touchdown of the season. After having been assured of Denver crushing the Patriots the week before, seeing anything good happening for the Colts was a sickening feeling.

    But the Titans play football the way a body puncher wins a boxing match, they maul you for the whole game and wear you down, their offense keeps grinding out plays and tires out the opponent's defense, while their defense gets the stops it needs to get off the field, by the forth quarter the Colt defense looked totally out of gas and the Titans gashed them for the backbreaking touchdown to go up 10. It was at this point that me and my friend, who had spent many a year watching Peyton Manning against our Patriots, knew Peyton had the game ending interception in him, and when finally he threw the pass that was tipped and then picked, our wallets were fattened and our confidence in foreseeing the future grew.

    The funny thing to end this story is that, as you most likely know, the World Series didn't exactly end with a Phillies win that night, instead the game got called off at the start of the bottom of the 6th inning, with the game tied, such a weird turn of events, we're now going to (Hopefully sometime this year) witness what could a 3 and a half inning game to decide the World Series. This is truly going to be a weird turn of events if there ever was one. As we were heading home my friend asked if I thought it was possible Vegas would have taken a prop bet on a game being rained out/suspended due to rain. I doubted it, but if they had, you would be making good money on it.

    So another week in the NFL gone and we still know about as much as we did before. I'd love for any reader to tell me their reasoning for anyone but the Titans to be a threat to win the Super Bowl. I don't trust the Giants due to the Cleveland incident, I don't trust the Panthers cause they've managed to lose to the horrific Vikings and they didn't even try against Tampa Bay. If the Titans fall apart, this could be the year of the World Super Bowl Champion Ever.

    To close things out, a man named Randy sent me my first ever Mike The Dealer E-mail, for which I shall forever be grateful. Randy wanted me to ask those Cowboys Fans who dare to show up on Bartcop's webpage, how do you feel about Jerry Jones and how he's run the team? If he wasn't the Owner, would he have been fired for the job he's done as GM?

    I'll post my thoughts later on that issue later this week, along with poker talk and more ramblings on football. Take care everyone,  

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