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Subject: Trayvon and poverty pimps      





Subject: Trayvon and poverty pimps

After watching the verdict on the Zimmerman case, I watched MSNBC all day to watch true
stupidity on parade and found it. It hurt to watch such ignorance but I have an honest question
for your left tendencies. Where in the hell is the outrage for the 50 black kids that were killed in
Chicago on the 4th of July weekend?

I'm sure you meant to ask a different question than that.
Are you suggestuing when a kid gets shot in Chicago, his family and friends aren't sad or outraged?
If you use your head, I'll bet you can ask a more intelligent question than that.

Barack Obysimal and all the poverty pimps said nothing.

I can tell you want to use the N-word very, very much, but you're holding back - thanks.
Obama talks about American gun violence a lot - and the right mocks him for it - a lot.
Obama's trying to get more guns off the street but your side says more guns are better.

And all the Hollywood assholes can go fuck themselves for their selective outrage and teary eyes for the verdict.

You think a kid going to buy candy should get the death penalty for that and nobody should be outraged?
Sounds to me like you hate Black people and in your orgasmic joy at seeing another "worthless Black" shot dead,
you've decided to taunt the side who lost on all counts.

Innocent kid gets shot and Sanford cops see nothing wrong with that.
Then they're pressured into a trial and the all white jury backs up the racist cops.
Then your side laughs at Trayvon's murder and you wonder why your side can't win elections.

What have any lefty types done to help these inner city victims?

Higher taxes to pay for more cops would help, but your side says that's "wasteful spending."
You side says lower taxes for the rich will solve society's problems - YOU are the problem.
We on the right and the tea party are screaming and lining up to help with new ideas to bring the poor out of poverty

...and those ideas are?

and you guys just keep them poor and angry by the verdict.....


I mean it Bartcop! Zimmerman is white/ Hispanic and Barack is ALSO WHITE AND BLACK!!!
Yet no one cares unless there is hay to be made and dissent to stir......

I have no idea what that's supposed to mean.  Are you saying Sanford Florida was a nice place
with no race problems until Jesse and Al showed to to stir some dissent that got Trayvon shot?

If Trayvon was so God damn innocent, how in the hell did that pudgeball Zimmerman catch him?

He was in a truck, following Trayvon..

Trayvon should have walked away. But no, he went all gangsta on Zimmerman and got himself killed.

Yeah, because unarmed 17-year olds are always wanting to confront older, bigger guys in the dark.
If Trayvon was the type to throw down with anyone who looked at him sideways,
don't you think he would've had a lengthy criminal record by now?

For his part, Zimmerman should have stayed in the damn car...... But there was ZERO racsim involved.

That's not what Zimmerman said.
He said "those people" were "assholes that always got away."
He was determined to stop Trayvon from "getting away" when there was no crime.

Zimmerman dated a black girl and mentors black youths.

Sure he does. I hear some of his best friends are Black - that's why he grabs his gun and jumps
into his truck to go hunting for Black people after dark - because he loves Black people.

Good god how does MSNBC keep its license as a network?

Another really stupid question.

Where are you on all this??? These poor communities rely on you lefties
to help them despite how you have fucked them for 50 years......

You are so angry at an entire race of people for no reason.

Why don't you just go ahead and use the word "nigger."

You know you want to...

I know most likely that you are NOT the one doing the screwing
but you don't ever protest the Jesse Jackass and Al not-so-sharpton types!

Jesse and Al are inperfect people, but they don't hate an entire race of people like you do.
They want fewer young Black men shot for no reason and you hate them for that.

Black kid gets murdered - again - for no reason - again - white guy gets off - again - and you
want to know
why people respect worthless niggers like Jesse and Al - go ahead and say it.

Or continued cowering cuz I'm right......
 Mike Graham

Mike, you are such a lying worm - suggesting that I have to hide from your racist ass.

Mike, you are the typical, 2013 Teabagging Republican.  (not a compliment)

You hate Blacks, you hate Mexicans, you hate women, you hate gays and on and on.

Those people vote and they're voting with US from now on.

YOU are the reason Republicans can't win national elections.



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