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Subject: Sports fun and frivolity

Mike the Dealer here with my sports recap for Bartcop. 

We begin the report with the ALCS and the Red Sox, left for dead down 7-0 with 7 outs to go, 
rallied to win an insane 8-7 game and then returned to Tampa, where a win in game 6 forced a game 7 
for all the marbles. It was conventional wisdom that now the Rays would be nervous, tight, scared 
and expecting doom as the Sox had rallied back, as they had in the 86, 04, and 07 ALCS's, but this 
time the Rays found a way to win and will advance to their first World Series in franchise history. 
Now the Rays will face off with the Phillies from the title starved of Philly (Odd how that worked out)
game one is tonight.

On a side note as a diehard Sox fan, I was horrified when the Red Sox let Jason Varitek bat in the 9th, 
I know he hit a home run in game 6, but he's been basically a sure out for most of the end of the season 
and beyond that home run has done little to prove otherwise. And sure enough he meekly struck out 
to put the Red Sox down to their final out, it was, disgraceful.

At the top of the heap in College Football, Texas, Alabama and Penn State are still the top three and 
thanks to the moronic BCS system it will work out that if they all run the table, one of them will be 
denied a chance to play for the national title. The whole lack of a playoff in college football is one of those 
well wore hobbyhorses of sports writers so I'll try not to harp on it more then for 500 or more words 
every column, but it is one of the main reasons I just can't get into college football. That and the fact 
that Boston College is the only school I ever cared about when I was growing up and since Flutie 
they haven't mattered at all.

In the pros it was another day of total chaos, as the Dallas Cowboys, odds on favorites to reach 
the Bowl for the NFC, were crushed by the worthless Rams. While starting QB Tony Romo didn't 
play for the Cowboys, nobody could have predicted the nightmare that transpired on the field for 
the so-called "America's Team". The reeling Cowboys may now be in trouble of even making the 
playoffs and the supposed "Coach in waiting" Jason Garrett might not get the head gig in Dallas 
after all if this death spiral continues.

Then in the AFC, where nobody other the Unbeatable Titans has shown a lick of consistency, 
we had the Chargers, fresh off a crushing win over the Patriots, promptly go into Buffalo and get 
beaten by 9. Those same Patriots then crawled home, gave up 6 sacks to a toothless Denver defense, 
but crushed them by a score of roughly 3 million to 3. The Colts, who looked like they had shaken off 
all the rust and were ready to start cracking some heads again, got run off the field by the Packers. 
Up is down, and black is white in the NFL this year, don't bet anything, unless it's the Titans. 
I should know, MGM's opening a new wing of hotel rooms with my money this year (Shakes head).

Nothing big to report in the world of poker, as we're still awaiting the poorly conceived ending of 
this year's World Series, and the final 9 guys left standing have been kept in abeyance until next month 
when finally somebody will win the giant pile of money and the gold bracelet.

If you have any questions about sports, poker or Las Vegas, or just want to tell me 
what an awful job I'm doing, feel free to mail me at

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