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The NFL wants a clean gamble 

It’s about that simple, and it is the only reason why we are now three days past a meaningless 
play in a football yet that play is discussed, rehashed, replayed and relived endlessly, the event 
in question was the incorrect call of a touchdown at the end of the Steelers/Chargers game, 
a touchdown that meant nothing in the grand scheme of things, the Steelers were winning the 
game 11-10 when the play happened, on the play the clock ran out, ending the game, making 
the touchdown totally meaningless to the result of the contest.

But not meaningless to the sports betting world who had the Steelers pegged as a three point favorite. 
Suddenly out of nowhere the Steelers had covered the spread, and then moments later, the refs declared 
they didn’t, millions of dollars were effected by this incorrect ruling and that is why talking heads on ESPN 
and all over the sports world are buzzing over this play, because the NFL wants to assure it’s gamblers, 
who are legion, that they are not being screwed over, that the NFL is on the up and up and is giving them 
a fair game to wager on. The hypocritical nature of the NFL to pretend to be ’above gambling’ yet knowing 
that every newspaper in the country runs all the games with lines, and the NFL requires injury lists be updated 
constantly so bettors know who’s likely to play and can wager accordingly. It’s foolish to think they do 
all of this for any other reason, it would be nice of them to just admit it.

Sunglasses in poker.

A lot of people are down on sunglasses in poker. Bill Simmons even wanted to outlaw them when he 
becomes ’commish’ of sports under Obama. I understand the mindset of some people about this, 
but on the whole I think this is foolish.  Sunglasses are worn in large part by people who are nervous 
and playing at a stake level higher then they are used to, it gives them a small amount of confidence that 
at the very least their nervous eyes won’t betray them. There is really no reason to deny people this 
small bonus to encourage them to play the game. I see people playing very low stakes poker all the time 
and I can say without exception the people wearing sunglasses are very bad at poker. They wear the 
glasses just because they are intimidated and are trying to hide this fact. So let the sunglass wearers be, 
they’ll bust out in short order, and if they win it all, good for them.

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