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Mike's Survivor mini-Recap
Episode 15: Rupert Finally Loses, Jerri wins a million dollars          

This episode was pretty boring, pretty much all that happened was Sandra cried a lot over her uncle, 
Jerri won a reward and ticked off Russell by not taking him, but rather taking the other two women, 
then the men allied to vote out Pavarti, only she won immunity to screw that up, and Sandra had the 
hidden idol and tonight was her last chance to play it, so since she was the target of the Rupert/Russell/Colby 
alliance it was a done deal that Rupert was toast, they teased as much drama as they could out of it, 
but it was a fact Rupert was a goner, and Russell flipped back against him, joined with the women 
and voted out Rupert 4-0 (the two votes against Sandra not counting due to the idol)

All this means that Jerri wins Survivor. 

If she has any brains at all she’ll vote out Sandra and Pavarti and go to a final 2 with the loathsome, hated Russell 
and the totally useless quit on the game Colby, and she’ll crush the final vote. Pavarti has a shot to win immunity 
both times, but I think she'll get tripped up somewhere along the line. I’ve been wrong repeatedly, and lord knows 
she might be dumb enough to vote out Colby at 5, but she shouldn’t, he’ll get JT/Rupert/Amanda’s votes, but that’s about it.

Coach was in wuv with Jerri so even ‘honor’ won’t sway him to Colby. The Villains will all vote for Jerri, 
and odds are Candice will also since she hated Rupert and Colby, Jerri will win going away Russell can enjoy 
being a dupe for the 2nd straight season.

If Colby wins after quitting than to hell with him and this game. 
I’ll be rooting for Pavarti or Sandra, but I doubt it’ll happen.

Be back sometime next week (Wednesday/Thursday) with the recaps of this episode and the finale

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