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Mike's Survivor Recap

SURVIVOR: Episode 12
Rupert makes plays       

 It’s night time as Yin Yang makes it back to camp, Jerri does a promo that says “Thanks for voting the way 
we wanted you to vote - Candice - but I still don’t trust you, so you need to go home.” And then Colby and Rupert 
whine about what an awful person Candice is. Rupert does a moralizing bitchfest of a promo declaring Candice to be 
the scum of the universe and that she ‘deserves to be on the Villains’ and that only Colby and Rupert are Heroes now…
Man, watching him play good the rest of this show will be sickening.

We come back from commercial and Sandra and Russell talk, Russell says Rupert and Colby are all silent and don’t 
talk to him, not that he gives a damn. Rupert declares Russell to be his new ‘most hated person on the planet’ and says 
that it’s possible that Russell is worse than Johnny Fairplay, quickly adding “He is!” so I guess Rupert didn’t need our help 
to solve that one. Rupert’s new gameplan is to force Russell to reveal his dark side to the world and make the Villains Alliance 
take note of what a scumbag he is, as if they don’t know currently.

Rupert has his argument with Russell and they say hurtful, awful things to each other while the rest of the camp watches 
the entertainment. Russell does a promo that Rupert is toast, and that he knows Rupert is trying to stir up things around camp, so he’s going home.

Immunity challenge uno for tonight is a ‘stand with your arm up in the air chained to a jug of water, when your arm moves to much,
you get a bunch of paint dumped on you and lose’ also Jeff with tempt you with food to quit the challenge, Jeff notes Pavarti and 
Rupert have gone long times in this challenge, which is the famous challenge Shi-Ann won on All-Stars forcing the Boston Rob 
alliance to eat one of it’s own.

A minute in Jeff brings out a covered item and Sandra and Russell drop out before even knowing what it is. Sandra knows she 
isn’t winning this thing and Russell figures he’s safe, so they drop and get cookies and milk while Jeff acts all horrified and offended 
that “On Day 31 you drop out of an immunity challenge for an item you don’t even know anything about?!” oh hush Jeff.  
Sandra taunts the people still playing with how succulent the cookies are.

20 minutes into the challenge Jeff comes with doughnuts and iced coffee. Now that stuff is just crap, ‘unknown item’ 
turned out to be more healthy then this known product, yet Colby who sat out the ‘chocolate vacation’ challenge and 
seemed disgusted by it’s lack of health benefits, drops out for this junk. Colby is #1 on my list of people I hate in the 
game right now, his abject worthlessness only gets worse later, so Colby The Hero quits…Colby who knows if Rupert
wins immunity he’s going home tonight, that Colby…To hell with him

We’re now down to Candice, Danielle, Pavarti, Jerri, and Rupert, when Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, chips and 
candy with milk are brought out, all the non-Pavarti women drop out, leaving her to the task of preventing Rupert from 
winning immunity. Way to leave Pavarti to cover for everyone else’s greed. Of course Pavarti beats Rupert, cause she’s 
awesome, so I guess the Villain’s Alliance had it’s faith well placed in her.

Rupert whines and complains about how he slipped and if he hadn’t he’d have ‘gone for hours’ but now he’s ‘going home’ 
and is ‘done’. Way to keep hope alive Rupert.   ha ha

After the challenge a clue to a hidden idol is read out loud to everyone and we’re sent to commercial with Rupert
looking grim and Pavarti all happy .

We’re back at Yin Yang Camp as the Sandra does a promo about the scavenger hunt for a million dollars worth o’ idol 
is under way, and the hunt is won by Sandra. Yay!!!! Yay!!!!!!! Go Sandra!! (I am very bias) she re-hides her idol after 
figuring out that it’s too big to put on her person without giving away that she has it. She mentions “I’m not going to tell 
anyone about it, cause I’m so damn greedy!’ which really should have been the title of this episode.

By that same logic Rupert decides he’s going to stuff a rock in his pocket and make it look like he’s found the idol,  ha ha
this plan only works if the person who did find it doesn’t tell the rest of their alliance, but it’s better than nothing.  
Rupert explains that he’s been around the block a time or two in this game and he knows the tricks, he’s just trying 
to hang on for one more night o’ Survivoring.

Rupert returns to camp with his pocket full o’ fake idol and Russell falls for it completely. 
Russell goes so far as to do a promo about how he is a master in Idolology and knows all 
the ins and outs of them, and that Rupert’s pocket bulge is 100% hidden idol.

Russell explains to Sandra that he knows for a fact that Rupert has it, which makes her happy, as she promos that 
as long as they think Rupert has it, then her having it will be kept hidden. Russell promos that they’ll split their votes 
and that’ll rid them of the idol, famous last words, those are.

The Jerri/Danielle/Pavarti section of the Villain Alliance talk, Jerri is all confused by the need for a split vote, me too, 
just shut your yaps, 6 of you vote Colby and it’s done, the key to idol flushing is just pick a target the enemy doesn’t  expect, 
split votes are risky as hell.  Once the split vote is brought up, Jerri instantly throws Candice under the bus, 
declaring her a bigger threat than Colby, and to boot her instead of him.

Danielle promos that Colby and Candice are threats ‘in different ways’ in that Colby is totally non-threatening and useless, 
and has been kept in the game only due to James having a knee injury, and Candice tries and stuff, so it’s so tough to decide what to do.

Colby and Rupert hang out and the plan is simple, if the Villains split vote Colby/Rupert then Rupert goes home, 
but if they split vote Rupert/Candice to cause what should be a 3-3-2 split, Rupert and Colby will vote Candice 
and she’ll go home 5-3 with another split vote backfire.

Tribal, where Colby is a dick to Candice, because he’s just awful, we get to the votes where Colby furthers his dick status by declaring 
that “I can honestly say I’m proud of the way I’ve played this game” and then dramatically reveals Candice’s name on his vote sheet 
“Can you?!” he sneers. Man fuck Colby, what has he done in this game except been on the losing side of every friggin’ power struggle, 
quit repeatedly, and been bailed out by the actions of others. His big ‘play’ this whole season was not letting Sugar hit on him. ha ha

To recap Colby’s legacy of suck

--Failed to use Sugar for a free vote and instead took the easy way out voting her out week 1, 
which lead to his alliance falling apart with Steph going home next.

--Bailed out by JT flipping to boot Cirie, celebrated “JT is a Hero!”

--Watched JT betray him the next week and vote out Tom, checked out of the game completely, said his good-byes and everything, 
and was only saved when the rest of the tribe decided to kick James out instead of him. James, who did better than he did at the 
personal immunity challenge they both lost to Candice.

--Has done nothing since the merger at all, except win a reward challenge and when his teammate had a note for a hidden idol that they 
needed to turn the tide and save their alliance, told his teammate to give the clue back to a Villain so he can go back to watching a movie.

--Dropped out of an immunity challenge where if he knew that if Rupert won, he’d go home, 
when Rupert was one of the odds on favorites to win the challenge.

--Die in a fire Colby.

Jeff gets out the urn, and asks if anyone wants to play an idol, dramatic pause and gaze upon Rupert, who milks it, but does nothing, 
and then votes are read, the drama is if we see a third Candice vote, cause then we’ll know the split went against her and Rupert 
and she’s toast. She gets the third vote so she’s doomed, seeya Candice 5-3 over Rupert, the loathsome Colby lives on.

Candice somehow gets to give a farewell speech, when she got next to no air time this show, which was her boot show, poor Candice.

Back at Yin Yang Camp Russell is steaming mad Candice was in his secret final 3 alliance and her going home screws with his game. 
NOTHING SCREWS WITH KING RUSSELL HANTZ’S GAME!! NOTHING!! He’s livid that the Villains done screwed this thing up, 
and does a promo to explain his rage. The girls tell him ‘Rupert and Colby suck at challenges’ and that it’s a 5-2 advantage for team Villain, 
and that odds are Rupert doesn’t have the idol, so why be so upset?

Russell reveals his real reason for being upset is that the Candice decision wasn’t his own and well, that’s not acceptable, so that him 
having half control of this game and Pavarti having half control of the game isn’t good enough, time for Russell to dominate things.

We get to our next immunity challenge, which is a series of challenges, top five advance to round 2, top 3 to round 3, round 3’s winner gets the necklace.

Round 1 has Sandra, Pavarti, Rupert, Russell, and Danielle advance, Colby eliminated in round 1, 
but remember, Colby can say he’s proud of the way he’s played this game.

Round 2, Russell Rupert and Pavarti win sending them to puzzle solving.

Round 3, King Russell Hantz wins immunity and with it, the right to lose his mind and destroy his alliance.

Rupert laments his plight as we go to commercial, not knowing that Russell’s new goal is to finish 3rd and not 2nd.

Yin Yang returns to camp being pelted by a driving rain storm. Pavarti explains that Rupert is on the wrong side of the numbers, 
so it’s free and clear he’s done and going home tonight, she wants all the Heroes gone, dead and gone.

Pavarti talks to Russell and Danielle and makes sure everyone’s cool with an all Villain final five and they appear to be cool with this. 
Tragically things are not as they seem. As Russell explains he’s going to break up  Pavarti and Danielle tonight, because it’s supposed 
to be him and Pavarti, not Danielle and Pavarti. He proceeds to tell Danielle that they need to get rid of Pavarti and then tells Pavarti 
that Danielle wants to get rid of her, when Russell tells Pavarti not to dare check with Danielle about the honest nature of Russell’s statements, 
he loses his mind and pretty much exposes the fact that he’s lying.

Parvati had a great line, "Don't tell me who I can talk to, Russell."
At that moment, Russell knew he was screwed, but how many times does he 
need to be esposed as a back-stabbing liar before the others get the message?

One of the weird things about Survivor is it helps to bring a back-stabbing asshole to the end because the jury 
has all been screwed by Russell so they'd eat their kids before voting to give him the million dollar prize.  
So the question is - how insane with rage will Russell be when he finds out he lost both seasons? 

Pavarti and Danielle have a conversation and figure out Russell’s just lying, exactly why he’d disrupt his alliance 
at this point they don’t get it, Rupert should be going home tonight but now Danielle is on the chopping block.

Russell explains that by voting on Danielle, he will break Pavarti to his will and she’ll vote the way she’s supposed to, 
Russell is creepy and weird, and of the two of them, isn’t Danielle far more of a follower than Pavarti, why not vote out Pavarti? 
This is like a reverse Boston Rob thing, when he booted Rob, who was strong, and weakened his tribe, 
now he’s targeting the weaker player, not the player who won an immunity and conceded another immunity to Danielle.

Russell tells Colby and Rupert that Danielle goes tonight, they are thrilled to hear this news, cause they were screwed
before Russell lost his mind. So that’s three votes, and now Jerri (of all people) is the swing vote in this thing.

Danielle and Pavarti beg Jerri not to vote out Danielle, Jerri looks at them like they are crazy, because Rupert’s clearly 
going home tonight, I mean, clearly. We then see Jerri confronted by Russell, she seems very unhappy with the idea of 
voting out Danielle, but he makes it clear that Jerri’s done for if she doesn’t go with way, and it won’t be by his hand, 
but rather by those evil women who are running everything.

We get to tribal, where Danielle decides to ruin everything by breaking down crying over the fact Russell’s gunning for her, 
and then admitting to being in a tight final three alliance with Pavarti and Russell, and an even tighter final two alliance with Pavarti, 
pretty much telling everyone “If you thought Russell was crazy for wanting to break us up, well guess what, he’s totally right, 
me and Pavarti are BFF!” And Russell sits  there all ‘see?! SEE?!’ and we get to voting, with Jerri casting a dramatic vote that’s unseen.

We get back and the tension builds, And we end up tied 3-3 and the dramatic tie breaking vote…
Is against Danielle, who goes home 4-3 over Rupert. Pavarti declares this stupid as hell, and we’re done.

NEXT WEEK: Russell allies with the Heroes! No Really!

Rupert has told Russell to his face that he's a disgusting. no-character asshole,
(You swore on the lives of your kids and then you lied!)
then they show a preview of next week where Rupert's making a deal with Russell.


One thing I’ll say for Russell is he doesn’t let himself get tied up in faction conflicts, he gets votes from wherever 
he can get them, he’s a lot like Johnny Fairplay that way. Of course like Fairplay he’s burned every bridge he’s ever had, 
I literally can’t imagine anyone on the jury except Candice voting for him, his max final tribal vote total is and that’s most 
likely being too kind, if he makes final 3 he’ll pull a Sugar, having dominated his season and get no votes to win.

Right now the game looks like we have 2 two person alliances in Colby/Rupert and Sandra/Pavarti with Jerri and Russell floating. 
Jerri did vote Russell’s way, but was that Russell’s order or Jerri just going by what Danielle said and deciding to boot her. 
Either way next week promises to be scramble tastic.


Well this is the final week I’ll try to get a quick re-cap up Friday to build into the Sunday Finale. 
(Maybe even do a live chat with Bartcop if he’s up for it for the finale.) We got 6 people, so let’s figure out who would get votes.

Russell - gets maybe Candice’s vote, that’s about it.

Colby - if he’s without Rupert, he might get some of the Hero votes, JT, Rupert would vote for him. Coach might for vote him 
out of ‘strength and honor’ but I don’t know if he would…Candice didn’t care much for him, Amanda might vote for him. 
I really don’t see any Villains voting for him, unless they all just hate Pavarti as much as they hate Russell, which doesn’t seem likely.

Rupert - He’d take all of Colby’s votes most likely, if Sandra was on the jury she could vote for him, since he voted her 
to win her season. If he was up against Colby and Russell he’d win, he’d be able to explain the fake idol trick which was 
a lot more game than Colby showed, Colby’s totally disrespected by the Villains.  Can Rupert beat a good Villain is the question?

Pavarti - Could be burned by the same Russell hate, but odds are people will more forgiving of her, since she played good cop 
to his bad cop. Played the two idols to boot JT, I think she’ll get more credit, if she made it to the end with Russell she’d have him 
crushed and only need to beat the other person, if it’s Rupert that could be close, if it’s Colby, she should crush. A three villain finish 
forces the Heroes to give a Villain the money, Pavarti would beat Jerri and Russell, Sandra would be a problem.

Jerri - I think Jerri’s about as unlikely to get votes as Russell, if the final 3 had Jerri and Russell well the other person 
would just about win for sure. A Jerri/Russell/Colby final 3 might as well have 9 blank pieces of paper, or give the Million 
to Yau-Man, he deserves it more. Jerri’s been a floater, can’t say she’s played with a lot of skill, she’d get Coach’s vote 
cause they were pals, but I doubt anyone else would be a fan of her, since she sold Courtney, Pavarti, Danielle down the river, 
and was solid for the Villain alliance in the boots of JT and Amanda.

Sandra - Really in the driver’s seat for jury votes. She’ll get Courtney and Coach from the old Boston Rob alliance, 
she’ll get Danielle from the Pavarti alliance, any other Villains sent to the jury will vote for her as well. Rupert could be 
a vote for her if he’s on the jury. I think Sandra is very scary for final tribal.

What happens Thursday?

I have no idea, it would seem logical that the guys would ally, flip Jerri and vote out Pavarti, but at the same time, 
Colby/Rupert hate Russell, everyone hates Russell, he might have just dug his own grave with all his flip flopping 
and trickery, he needs an immunity win, with it, odds are Pavarti goes home (Unless Sandra saves her with the idol, 
which I doubt she will, she’s nursing that idol till it’s done being useful, which odds are will be at 5) I’ll put Pavarti out here.

Sunday- First  Tribal

Sandra will play her idol for herself unless she wins immunity, which is very unlikely, and then stuff goes crazy. 
If Russell went at 6 then Jerri is the swing and odds are Rupert or Colby goes home, if Pavarti went at 6 than the alliance 
against Sandra is screwed, either she’ll sucker punch one of them with the idol, or admit to having the idol and make them 
target each other in the open, at 5 she’ll have the power to shape the game. I’d guess Russell finally goes home here, 
barring him winning immunity, which if he did, than I’d guess a hero would go home, most likely Rupert. I’ll get rid of Russell here.

Sunday- Second Tribal

Sandra should go here, far too big a threat to win the final vote. She’s not winning this immunity either and the idol can’t save her. 
Sandra needs Pavarti to survive to 4, and lose immunity, I think the other two would be far more likely to boot Pavarti over Sandra.

Final 3- Colby/Jerri/Rupert

What a crappy final 3, Rupert/Jerri should split the votes. Jerri did more following, while Rupert was in control of his tribe 
till the merger, and then made the rock play to save himself, for all the talk of ‘bold moves’ and ‘big plays’ stuffing a rock 
in your pocket was the biggest play of them all.


Rupert wins, getting 7+ votes


Pavarti or Sandra, who’ve played the best games.

Questions or comments send to 

I agree - Parvati played the best game (with her double idol saves) and Sandra played second best.
The most fun is going to be watching Russell's Rethug face when he realizes he lost everything.

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