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Mike's Survivor Recap
SURVIVOR Heroes Vs Villains
Episode 11: Russell works hard for somebody else to win

We return from the vote, when JT’s stupidity sent him home. Rupert grumps “I tried” to show he gave it his all…
And then “I’m done” so…I guess he really did give his all and he’s got nothing left. Colby, who’s given up ages ago, 
replies “Yeah” cause it feels good to have a brother in arms when it comes to quitting. Candice sucks up to the Villains, 
maybe JT was just the weight that was crushing her will to live and now that he’s gone she’ll give a damn and start trying, 
but I doubt it. Pretty much everyone but Amanda on the Heroes has given up.

Russell asks Sandra if she knew about Pavarti’s hidden idol. Sandra says she didn’t know about either idol, much less the one he 
didn’t know about. Russell complains about “Secrets”. The Villain main alliance of Pavarti/Russell/Jerri/Danielle argue over the idol 
for a bit, and Pavarti promos that she wanted Russell to be a little scared and to not feel like he was completely in control of the game.

Amanda and Rupert talk about how the Heroes four are solid, they need to flip a Villain to get the numbers on their side. 
Rupert says he’ll talk to Sandra about flipping while Amanda makes the nebulas claim that she’ll talk to ‘other people’, 
which to me would mean “I’m running to Pavarti and begging her to save me.”

Rupert promos that his only hope is that Sandra will be willing to flip now, like she was before, 
but the heroes were too dumb to take her up on the offer, and we’re off to the credits.

We’re back and Russell and Candice talk. She again celebrates Russell’s awesome play (That he had nothing to do with.) 
and Russell tells her that her best play is to ally with him and that this will mean that even after the rest of the former Heroes are gone, 
that she’ll be kept around longer. Russell does a promo that he can’t trust Sandra so he needs to further bolster his ranks, and that he 
believes he can trust Candice because she knows she’s on the losing side of the faction wars and she’ll take his offer since she won’t 
get anything better by sticking with the doomed Hero Alliance.

Russell reports back to Pavarti, the person who runs the game, that he has turned Candice and that this means the fear of Sandra
betraying them is out the window, they now have a solid 6-3 majority and can pick off Amanda, Colby, and Rupert whenever they see fit.

We head to reward challenge, which is a crappy ‘last shot wins’ contest, which the team who gets the last shot wins 90% of the time, 
this is no different, as Amanda/Danielle/Colby win the reward, which is a crappy, horrible reward that is literally ‘the two of you who 
have not mentally checked out of this game will get to search for the clue for the hidden immunity idol’

We’re at the ‘reward’ challenge where Amanda promos that she must find the clue for the idol, must find it….MUST FIND IT. 
Danielle does find the clue in the bowl of popcorn, and in a promo shows us that she’s found it (ruining the drama of the upcoming 
brutally edited bullshit that makes no sense.)   ha ha

Now to understand what REALLY happened you have to go to and watch the unedited scene, which shows Amanda 
reached under Danielle’s pillow and stole the clue…While the TV show concocts this absurd idea that Amanda was standing next 
to the clue out in the open and just bent over and picked it up. This sparks a sissified catfight as the two girls pathetically grapple 
over the note. Colby has so COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY GIVEN UP that he has no interest AT FUCKING ALL over a fight 
for a hidden immunity idol. This could only be the turning point in a game where there are only 9 people left and one of them wins 
a million dollars. I long for the day I could be this apathetic about a million dollar payoff that I’d have no reaction at all to two  
bikini clad girls wrestling over the chance to win a mill.

I personally would be calling for a producer to come over and make a ruling about the clue. And if I was a producer and had to 
make such a ruling, I’d side with Danielle, since she had the clue and hid it  and Amanda stole it. You can’t steal idols so I’d doubt 
you can be allowed to steal clues. If the edited tape the show aired was what happened I’d rule for Amanda since a clue in plain sight 
is fair game, but that didn’t happen at all. Screw the producers for totally lying about this.

Plus, doesn't it have to be a rule that whoever finds the immunity idol gets to keep it?
Otherwise the stronger players could just out-muscle the idol holder.

Colby sides with Danielle, just to further show how badly he’s quit. Just ask to be voted off dude, you’re wasting everyone’s time. 
Why the hell didn’t they twist Yau-Man’s arm and get him to play, or found crazy Shane for Cirie’s first season and cast him 
as a Villain and Boston Rob as a Hero? He is such a waste of a player it makes me sick.

Amanda does a promo about how she ended up wimping out and giving the clue back to Danielle, without doing anything like 
asking her to read to them all, or I dunno, following her around once she got back to camp. If somebody had a clue for an idol 
they better wake up before I do cause they will never leave my sight, that’s for damn sure.

The ‘winners’ of the ‘reward’ come back to camp, and after a tiny amount of small talk Amanda heads over to the Villain Main 
Alliance and reveals she has the clue. Danielle embellishes her fight with Amanda and then her and Russell go off to find the idol, 
and Russell finds it and hides it, he does a promo that this is vengeance for being left out of the loop for Pavarti’s idol, because Russell is a brat.

Russell goes to Candice and tells her his deal has improved to final 3, and that he has the idol. Candice approves of the man who 
offends everyone in the game offering her a free million dollars. Candice makes him show her the idol and he does. Candice promos 
that knowing Russell has the idol gives her some ammo, but that she doesn’t know if she really wants to open her mouth too much 
since it could lead to her being the target. And that she’s not totally sold on Russell just yet.

Sandra gives Colby the low-down on what happened in the Villains camp, and that she’s the last person standing in her alliance, 
she promos that now that she can flip and give the Heroes a 5-4 edge over the Villains that now is the perfect time for her vengeance 
to be wrought.  Colby promos that he’s playing survivor and it’s boring, can I just go home please?  Maybe he didn’t say that, 
but to hell with him, he’s quit he doesn’t get his promos transcribed anymore.

Colby tells Sandra they need her like blood and they’ll vote out whoever she wants between Russell and Pavarti at the next vote, 
this conversation ends randomly with the two of them looking off in the distance. Way to build the drama, editors.

Russell gives Sandra the shiv between the ribs in letting her know that he’s got a 6th vote all taken care of for Tribal, and so if 
Sandra were to flip and cause the vote to only go 5-4, well, he’d know she didn’t vote the right way because he’s 100% sold on 
his Hero Alliance Defector, and well, Sandra would go home next.   Sandra’s like ‘Oh, we got a defector? Cool.’ And is then 
grossly edited to look like she’s laughing at Russell when he says “I trust you.” Because that’s exactly what plotting scheming 
people do, they openly laugh at re-assurances from those they are trying to knife in the back.

Sandra promos that she’s not happy with finishing 5th so she needs Russell gone because the Villain Main Alliance is too strong 
to be broken. Sandra is seen talking to Rupert, saying that Russell going home tonight is a done deal.

Rupert celebrates that if the Heroes Alliance holds together, with Sandra’s vote, they have all the votes they need to send Russell home. 
Sandra does tell Rupert about the potential for a Hero Alliance defector, but Rupert seems unconcerned about such a thing happening.

Colby, pretends to care, since Probst is a personal friend of his and they play cards together, he wastes a lot of time to say 
“We gotta win immunity to keep it away from the Villains” in a lot of words.

Today’s Immunity challenge is the ‘build a house of cards 10 feet tall’ challenge from Sugar’s season, only this time there is 
no time limit, someone WILL get that sucker to 10 feet, and hopefully a nameless woman nobody remembers won’t win it, 
and then get the smaller half of the “Screw Sugar” votes that ended up making Bob a millionaire that season.

After 10 minutes it’s clear that  Jerri and Russell are ahead of the pack, Russell with a far more solid foundation for his house of cards
than Jerri, but Jerri has the lead on him, everyone else is pretty much useless. The editing makes this out to be a dramatic razor close win 
for Jerri, and since that’s good TV, let’s go with that. She is *way* too happy about winning an immunity where she was in no risk of 
going home at all in, I guess last week really spooked her.

Well some of her happiness is explained that this is her third season on the show and 
she’s finally won a personal immunity challenge, so I take back what I said before, go Jerri!

Wasn't it sad tho that Jerri has no friends at all?
After she on, she was beaming and ready to accept her throngs of admirerers

but nobody showed up - nobody wanted to give her a high five until Colby finally did.

Sandra promos that tonight Russell goes home, and she’s doing it for Courtney, Boston Rob, Tyson, and even Coach, who she
really doesn’t care about, but she’ll be his instrument of vengeance also, cause she’s a sweetheart like that. Sandra rules.

Jerri promos that this win was huge, and she’s so happy, she is ‘swimming in yay!’ which should be the title of this episode, Jerri was robbed.  
Russell promos that Jerri’s immunity win over him was no big deal (Note: This will turn out to be not true at all.) and that he has Candice 
roped into his alliance, and Rupert and Colby are checked out of the game, so tonight Amanda goes home. He compares Amanda to 
Boston Rob, which would only be accurate if one was to list “People who’ve finished 2nd in Survivor” and exactly nothing else.

Russell tells Candice that Amanda’s gotta go, and he really wants Candice to vote his way. Candice promos (Sounding like this is a promo 
from after the show) that she knows she’ll offend one side or the other with her vote tonight, and that she’s worried about Russell having 
the idol and his ability to arm anyone on the Villains tribe with it. She concludes she went with the ‘more solid plan’ so this is Candice from the future?

Rupert talks about the need to always pack before tribal, because you never know if it’s your night to go home. 
They all vow to vote out Russell, Rupert gets obsessive about it, and Amanda shushes him. 

Candice goes over to Russell and Pavarti and rats out Sandra as having flipped and that Amanda isn’t giving up 
because she thinks she’s safe and that Russell is the target. Russell gives Pavarti the “Yeah, this figures” look.

Russell confronts Sandra…Sandra tells him that it’s all good and Amanda’s going home. Russell tells her “An idol’s getting played tonight” 
and Sandra tells him she doesn’t care, that he doesn’t need to threaten her, cause she’s on his side anyhow. Notice the stone cold lying 
Sandra’s doing here compared to the edited garbage that had her laughing at Russell when he told her he trusted her, I hate the lying editors.

Russell does a promo that he believes both Sandra and Candice see that their only hope in this game is to side with him over the Heroes, 
and that if they did flip and vote him out, he would go home, but it would just blow his mind that anyone would want to play with a bunch 
of people that have quit in the game and are easy to lead instead of having to constantly massage the ego of Russell Hantz.

A defeated Sandra is back at with Rupert, letting him know that Candice has screwed everything up, Rupert promises that Candice 
won’t flip, even with her having already done so and all. Rupert really wants Russell gone. Sandra promos that Candice has ruined 
everything and that she’s been revealed as a traitor to the Villains.

Candice, Colby and Rupert sit down as Sandra stands and seethes at Candice for hanging her out to dry, Candice swears she’s done 
no such thing, when she completely has done so. Rupert promos that they are doing all they can to calm everyone down so the plan 
works out right. Sandra and Candice continue to argue. Colby says “If this doesn’t work it’s Candice’s fault” way to put her on the spot.  
Rupert promos that this is just crazy the scrambling that’s going on right now.

Finally we see Sandra and Candice talking, Russell tries to meddle, which if he knew what was going on, he would definitely meddle in this. 
Candice is pretty much scared to death of the idol.  Sandra yells at her that she flipped to give Candice the numbers and now Candice is 
going to do this to her and ruin everything, Candice says “Just vote Amanda.” Because she’s useless. Sandra tries to explain to her that 
even talking like this makes them low women on the Villains totem pole and it’s stupid to stay there.  

Tribal, it’s a bunch of crap, and we get to voting. 
Russell votes Amanda, Amanda votes Pavarti. 
Everyone else votes without being shown.

Jeff asks if anyone wants to play an idol, and Russell says he does fear that ‘someone has flipped’ so he plays the idol and uses it on himself, 
so votes against him don’t count. And we get to reading the votes, the first two are for Amanda, the next two are for Pavarti. Russell says 
“Dammit” and Courtney laughs at him from the jury. The next two are Amanda, and the next one is Pavarti, we’re 4-3, the drama is overpowering…
Except that we saw next to no Pavarti this show and she’s a main character, so the odds that she’d get no air time on her boot episode 
is next to none, and the Amanda votes come in, 6-3 Amanda goes home.

Pavarti tsk tsk’s Russell, telling him he wasted an idol. 
She’s the target of a failed vote out and all she can think of after the fact is condemning Russell’s idol misplay, that’s cold blooded.

NEXT WEEK- Two people get voted out, and nothing these commercials could say or do 
                        will make me believe that it’s not Rupert and Colby until I see it with my own two eyes.


Russell really does play this game hard, he secured the numbers for his alliance and was able to win the vote, but his fear of Sandra 
switching cost him the idol and puts it back into play, the only question is if someone on the outside finds it and can use it against the majority.  
Barring that Rupert is toast, followed by Colby.


I’ll rank the potential winners by tiers


Russell, Rupert, Colby

Russell’s pissed off the whole jury (again) so he’s not winning a final 3, 
meanwhile Rupert and Colby are on the wrong side of a 6-2 majority and 
haven’t shown any inclination to go on an immunity run, so they are cooked also.


Sandra, Candice

They are on the outside of the power base, Candice has more of a chance then Sandra, since she’s shown she can win immunities, 
where as Sandra can’t win them, so if Candice got close to the end, she could win a couple challenges and get to the final 3, 
of course Candice was the hero that broke ranks, so that could cost her jury votes.



She may get voted out at the end out of a fear that she’ll be unbeatable in front of the jury at the end. 
Russell might see her as a threat to beat him, of course Russell doesn’t get that Osama Bin Laden Vs Russell 
with a jury of 9 devout Jews from New York City would be a threat to beat him. ha ha  
So her alliance may well fear her to much to let her win.


Danielle, Jerri

Jerri’s spineless play annoys me, but she’s in the perfect position to win the game, she’s harmless and following around 
‘evil masterminds’ Russell and Pavarti. Same thing for Danielle, except that Danielle has been in the Villain Main Alliance 
since day 1 and so she has no ‘backstabber’ claims against her. I think they would both lose to Pavarti, but Russell would 
likely finish 3rd to them. Candice would have a chance against them, but Candice did sell out the Heroes, so that could cost 
her Amanda/Colby/Rupert’s votes, Sandra could beat them, but there’s no way she’s winning the challenge at final 4. 

Sandra’s perfect final 4 would be Pavarti/Sandra/Danielle/Jerri and Pavarti doesn’t win it, cause then the choice would be 
between Sandra, who they have a shot to beat or Pavarti who they won’t. Of course getting to final 4 will also be tough for Sandra.

Thankfully next week will clear some more deadwood and we’ll get close to the end.
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