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Miscellaneous Photos

Here's one you might've missed.

When I think of Hollywood Republican, I think of Arnold.

(That's not Maria Shriver he's carrying.)

Then there was Arnold in his days as a dope fiend.

Clinton's Prick

I am the first journalist to break this story.

You remember, Paula Jones claimed Clinton's unit has a "distingquishing physical characteristic"
which would make a line-up a very good idea, ...if you're producing a goddamn Porky's movie.

Paula Jones suggested that the president be forced into a line-up by neanderthal, ditto-monkey,
wild-eyed, pistol-waving city goats and be forced to whip his cock out for Paula's edification.



yet I heard Gennifer Flowers tell G. Gordon Liddy's that she had a "12-year affair" with
Clinton's cock, and that it had no "distingquishing physical characteristics," and she would know
because she was sexually intimate with the president's cock for twelve years.

Gee, it's almost like one of them is lying.
I wonder which one it is?
Or are they both lying?

Gennifer is on her THIRD million.
Can we blame her?

So, for the first time, right here, right now, we can view the first photo of the President's prick.

Granted, this isn't for children, but it's important for America to know if we're being told
the truth by our president.  So, in that context, I am proud, as a Democrat, and as an American,
to be the first to publish this world-wide premier photograph of the President's prick.

See Clinton's Prick

Must be 18 or over.
All rights reserved,

Former MTV V-J
Current right-wing, fascist pig

Kennedy  1
At least she kept her legs together, unlike some people we know.

Kennedy 2
See Kennedy's ass.

Henry Hyde

Seems like a couple of years ago, Henry Hyde had a good reputation.
Square-shooter, had ethics, was honest, strong pro-lifer but not a prick like Bob Barr.
Hyde had money, respect, dignity and power.

Then, in 1998, Henry Hyde turned scumbag.

I remember 1998.
It wasn't pretty.

To see this proud man join Tom Delay's Big Bug Army, it was so sad...
The Bug Man told Hyde he could impeach Clinton or he could leave politics.
Something came over Henry, and he turned into Dr. Jekyl-Puta.

Knowing he was guilty of dozens of reckless sexual affairs, he still chose to roll the dice,
in this whore-driven country we now all live in, just for the sake of raw, political greed
and the squeeze being put on him by that squirrelly bastard from Sugarland, Texas.
So, Henry climbs up on a 40-foot tall high horse and starts screaming about Clinton's hypocrisy.

Then, the truth showed up.
The photo showed up.

Poor, poor, stupid Henry Hyde.
If poor, stupid Henry Hyde had this in his background, why Oh why Oh why Oh why would
he be so goddamn stupid and go after the President of the United States for having sex?

Henry, you deserve every goddamn bit of this.
You were once a man of honor, Henry.
What happened?
You had your millions.
You had the respect of most Americans.

What was it that made you throw it all away just for a chance
to stick a shiv into the man we elected to lead this great nation?

Why'd you turn asshole, Henry?
Does the Big-Balled Bug Man have something on you, Henry?
Whatever that is, it's worse than this picture, Henry??

See Henry Hyde  smile for the camera as he reaches under her skirt to fondle some
other man's wife while she sits on his home-wrecking lap for a career-wrecking picture.

Henry, did those kids grow up OK without their mother?

Dick Stone

Remember during the 1996 campaign, Dick Morris got caught with a hooker.
Bob Dole said, "You can judge a man by the company he keeps," as if
Dick Morris's secret sex-life was something our President should keep up with.

Well, another political figure was caught a few weeks later.
A fellow on the Dole election team placed an ad for wife-swapping and
kinky sex with strangers in the Washington Post, the goddamn idiot.

Hell, I've seen this guy on Crossfire arguing the family values crap lots of times,
and now he's advertising for some man to come over and screw his wife?

Ladies and gentleman, meet 1996 Dole Campaign aide Dick Stone.

Dick Stone

Text of sex ad placed by Dole aide Dick Stone in DC paper:

C-161,787 DC
Insatiable Couple!!!
We are HOT, athletic and very fit.
We are seeking similar couples or exceptional, muscular, well-hung men!
She is 40DD - 24 - 36 and bi. She loves to fuck hard and deep!

He's 195 pounds, trim, muscular and 6 ft.
She prefers jocks, miliary men and body builders.
No fat people or smokers.

(ha ha - Pigboy need not apply)

Send photo and phone.
No photo, no response.
We are interested in DC, VA, MD, NYC, Miami and LA.



This hand-picked Dole employee is wanting stranger-sex in the worst way.
Why did Bob Dole hire this man?
Had Dole won, which cabinet position would he have held?

He's inviting well-hung men to (have sex with) his wife?
I have to ask -  is that a family value?
Was he going to join in and get "snuggly" with the well-hung stranger?
Was he going to tape it, then swap copies with other perverts on the internet?
Or maybe he was content to just watch and "contend with himself," while the exceptional,
muscular, well-hung street stranger has intercourse,or maybe even something more terrible
than intercourse, with his bi-sexual wife who "loves to fuck hard and deep!"

Is this where Bob Dole wanted to take America "back" to?
Back to the wife-swapping 50's, Bob?
Back to the (have sex with) my wife 50's, Bob?

One last question for Bob Dole:

If it's true that "you're known by the company you keep," like you said,
why did you have this man in your inner-circle, Bob?

Did you and your Bag O' Hairspray ever meet the Stone couple in Miami?
You have a luxury condo there, don't you Bob?
I think we need to get to the bottom of this.
I think we should give Harold Ickes $50,000,000 and unlimited subpeona power
to get everybody under oath and find the true facts her, don't you Bob?

Let's go back to Russell, Kansas with more FBI agents than investigated TWA 800 and
the Oklahoma City bombing combined and see what we can dig up.

Then, we'll have liberal billionaires fund a witch hunt and get the Inquirer and the Star
to pay old classmates to say, "Bob Dole was always obsessed with kinky sex."
That way, the old classmate gets a check for $300,000, the Inquirer and the Star
get their precious headline, and America gets to wallow through your real and imagined
sex lives and all the while the Democrats will complain about  how low our political process
has sunk since Bob Dole hired Dick Stone and started eating Viagra like goddamn M&Ms.

Yeah, that's a good idea...
Welcome to Kenneth Starr's America, Bob.

Let's put Bag O' under oath, too, so the press whores can lead off with "Presidential candidate
Bag O' Hairspray testified in the strange-sex-swapping case today in Washington DC."

Of course, we'll need to tape it so we can play it for all Americans because,
after all, don't we have a right to know everything about Bob and Bag O's sex life?

Hey, Bob!
How does it feel?


Old Red-Ink, having a bad day.
(Wait for it to fully load.)

Danny Quayle had a girlfriend.
Her name is Paula Parkinson
Danny bought dope from Paula, and bedded her, too.
Here's proof.

See Paula  Parkinson.

Here's a Better picture of Paula.
Hey - not bad, Dano.

Fanne Fox, remember her?
It was the first time I ever heard the phrase "Tidal Basin."
That's the name of the water Wilbur Mills drove into drunk with Fanne Foxe

Women, and how the GOFP keeps 'em in their place
If you're trying to grab a quick bite to eat, and your wife is nagging you about something,
the GOFP will show you how to handle the situation legally.

Newt grew a mustache, did you know?

Last weekend, Newt threw a big cookout for his C.C.C. buddies in Georgia
What did you have for dinner, Newt?

The House Impeachment managers?
They all have some truth that cannot be revealed.
Hutchison, Canady and Lindsey Graham.
Are they a fractured faction?
Or are they a close-knit bunch?

You tell me.

See the House Boys

You think that's bad?

Maybe you don't know about McCullum, Bryant and Rogan...

More House Boys

That's McCullum on his knees, like a good little Monica...

Washington DC can be a very tough city.

It's extra tough on disgraced Republicans.
Let's look at two, shall we?

Susie Molinari used to be my favorite Republican.
She hit her peak at the 1996 Convention when she introduced Bob Dole.
Then, her husband tried to cut Snoot's head off, so Snoot made him walk the plank.

Knowing what vindictive bastards were running the GOFP, Susie got out, too.
She ran over to CBS and worked with a black man on a morning talk show that failed.
Quick - name another Republican who worked with a black man who didn't play for Oklahoma.

ha ha

Things haven't gone very well for Susie since then,
She's taken to the streets, selling her dignity for $20 or $30 to get money for her drug habit.

See poor Susie as she is now.

and, ...our second victim.

Bob Packwood wasn't nazi enough for the GOP.
When he had 30 of his own employees testify against him, which was very different from
Clinton, who had his accusers constantly cashing checks from Richard Melon Scarfe.
Poor Bob Packwood got cut loose when his guilt was established.

Recently, we were in Portland for some... government research when I first saw him.
We were paying our check at a nice restaurant when I saw a bum trying to get in.
He was dressed like a, well, you'll see how he was dressed in just a second. he kept saying
he wanted his table. Well, the restaurant didn't want this on their property,
so they theatened to call the cops if the bum didn't vacate immediately.

Then I recognized him.
Bob Packwood.
Poor bastard looks 80 years old.

They say he's been on a gin jag since he lost his job in the Senate.
Poor Bob.
I saw a bottle of Gilbey's sticking out his back pocket.
I tried to help him, since BartCop-ism is built on compassion, but he was just too drunk.

Since we were on vacation, I had the camera in the front seat with me, in case we ran
into some deer or some beaver.  I wanted to be ready to snap some nice pictures.
As we were getting into our car, I hear a voice screaming, "Hold still, goddammit!"
Sensing trouble, I grabbed my camera.

I looked up and saw poor Bob Packwood leaning against a tree. He was trying to negotiate
the distance between the tree and a pole, about six feet, but apparently the pole wouldn't "hold still."

"Hold still, I tell ya," he kept bellowing at the pole.

See  Bob Packwood screaming at the pole.

He got his courage up and started the loooooong journey from the tree to the pole.
He got a couple of steps then screamed again.
"I told you to hold still, goddammit!"

He stood there for several seconds, hoping the pole would eventually listen to reason.
He finally changed tactics and asked the pole, "Mr. Pole, would you please hold still?"
Just then, he suddenly lunged at the pole, but he never made it

See Bob Packwood  make his daring lunge at the pole.
Poor bastard fell back on his ass, breaking his Gilbey's bottle.

See the poor bastard,  with the broken glass in his ass, sitting on his broken Gilbey's bottle.

Washington can be a cold, dark city.
Washington can tear you up inside and spit you out on the street and turn you into a
crack-addicted street hooker or a common gutterbum, possessed by the demons of alcohol.

Please bow your heads for a prayer.

Ken Starr

Everybody's favorite gladiator prepares for battle with the Evil Clinton.

Linda Tripp was given a bad rap by the media, everybody knows that.
She's not as unattractive as they all said she was.
She couldn't be.

It took some digging, but I found a picture of Linda after her makeover.


Ohhhh, my precious Hillary.
I'm sorry,   but smart women turn me on.


Ohhhh, my precious Hillary.

Hillary is easily the finest First Lady of the 20th Century.
If I weren't Catholic, I'd...

...maybe that sentence is best left uncompleted.

Hillary is one major babe.
Wouldn't it be cool if, one day soon,
young boys were masturbating to their president?
That sounds a little healthy to me...

I think women are better leaders.
Maybe in wartime, you'd need a testosterone-freak to press the button,
but for most decisons I'd want to woman to make it.


This is my tribute to Hillary.

You all know the 1999  Hillary Clinton,

Senator Clinton,
...IF she wants to be Senator Clinton,  she will be Senator Clinton.

Let me repeat something I said earlier.
I agree with Rush that Hillary won't run.
I hope I'm wrong.

Obviously there are no nudes of Hillary.
She not a tramp/whore/hypocrite/sell-out/spread-her-legs-for-money like the GOP women,

...and I'm talking to yoooou, Doc Meng


...back in college, Hillary did some really nice glamour shots.

These are G-rated glamour shots, and Ms. Hillary is awesome!
Major lust, here.

Hillary 2

Hillary 3

Hillary 4

Oh, Hillary, you're ...
you're so ......naughty....

Oh, Hillary.
You are sooo hot!


Hillary 5

Wow - what a face.

Hillary's got to be one of the best-looking women I've ever seen.
Maybe if Mrs. BartCop would agree to move to Utah....   B'Orrin Hatch could
use his influence to have the Mormons declare us a happily-married threesome
and Ol' BartCop would end up like Charismatic, living out the rest of his life as a stud.

Oh, that's right.

Far as I know, Mormons don't sell  "special dispensations" like the Catholics.

Hillary 6

I'm soooo  in love with Hillary Clinton.
She has true beauty within and without.

Hillary, if that evil Bill ever makes another mistake, send me some e-mail.


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