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Subject: Miss Divisive

Bart, WHY should the voters settle for Miss Divisive?? 

Why settle for winning?

Especially if she wins the nomination via Super Delegates. She is TO polarizing. 
Obama took EVERY county in Washington State, by a TWO to one margin!!! 
Your hero didnt get one... 

My hero?

This is the kind of letter a football fan should write.
"Bart, the Huskies outgained the Sooners two to one!"

This isn't some damn football game, it's the future of the planet.
Excuse me for wanting someone who knows what they're doing.

Obama attracts across ALL age groups, races, (except Mexicans), and incomes. 

He also atracts Republican bigots - in the primaries.

When I listen to Obama I get enthused. When I listen to Hillary, I get high anxiety... 
more same old, same old, special interest crap. 

Is the way YOU feel important to America's future?

Maybe that's because one is playing your emotions and one 
is talking to you like you're an adult who can handle the truth.

Hillary is a veritable lightening rod for criticism, and the GOP has 
numerous attack reasons as to WHY she shouldnt be in the Oval Office.

They hate her because she and Bill keep beating them.
Six times in Arkansas, twice for the White House and twice for the senate.
Look what they did to Gore - look what they did to Kerry.
That's what they do to anyone who tries to stop them.

You also ignored my email about... 

Get over yourself, I get a lot of e-mail.

Obama can beat McCain... Its high time you realized that. 
 Robert in Seattle 

You do understand that's idiot football talk, right?
Nobody on the planet has a clue what's going to happen.

What happens if Obama has a glass chin?

For all we know the GOP will Photoshop a picture of Michelle with a donkey 
and Obama could break down on the Capitol steps and decide to pull out like 
Ross Perot did, " save his family from this awful filth." 

And then what do we do, besides attend McCain's inauguration?

Do you have any idea how not like a football game this is?

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