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Mitch is Wall Street's Bitch


Chris Dodd entered a political memo written by Frank Luntz into the official Congressional Record, arguing that it 
belonged there because Mitch the Bitch and other Thugs were repeating it verbatim in their effort to block Wall Street reform.

On Tuesday, McConnell came out against the Democratic reform plan, arguing that it would enshrine the system 
where some banks are too big to fail. The plan, which passed through Dodd's Banking Committee on a party-line vote, 
uses a tax on banks to create a $50 billion fund to wind down and liquidate major failing financial institutions.

McConnell, under attack for meeting with some two dozen top Wall Street executives before coming out 
against banking reform, shielded himself behind Kentucky community banks on Tuesday.

"We've had a number of conversations with (rich) people who are affected by this," McConnell said 
when asked about the meeting he and Sen. John Cornhole (R-Texas) held in New York City last week.

"But the most influential people I've heard from have been the community bankers in Kentucky," said McConnell 
with a straight face.  "And as far as people's advice about it, we're happy to get it from all sources. I've certainly 
been visited by a number of community bankers in Kentucky on the subject," he said, pretending it was about Kentucky.

Luntz penned a memo outlining what he saw as the most effective Republican rebuttal to health care reform, 
which the party followed nearly to the letter. Time Magazine compared the Luntz memo to McConnell's statements: 
Luntz: 'The single best way to kill any legislation is to link it to the Big Bank Bailout.'"

We need to break up these too-big-to-fail banks.

If we had more honesty in congress (Should I bother to finish this sentence?) they could pass a law
that prevents the super-banks from buying up all the small banks. 

We had to bail them out last time and we'll have to bail them out again
unless we take action to prevent them from taking us down when they fail.

I know - maybe Obama could find time to save our country?

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