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Subject: MM  I got my good eye on you!

Oh, you're a rascally one you are Bart.
64 IQ and a modem? Well I got the cool breeze of Truth(tm) on my side.
That's right. You will join me before you realize what happened.

If you make sense, I might join you.

Ipso facto, what I said is true. The socialists warped the minds of Americans, and ergo, we have a Socialist president.

Gratuitous assertions without foundation don't fly here and they shouldn't fly in Monkeyland, either..

What more proof do you need? We are taxed, those taxes go toward T-bills the Chinese buy, so therefore we are in debt to them.

Blame the Bush bastards.
One of the very first things Bush didm after letting his Enron buddies kill those Japanese students, was apologize 
to the Chinese after they forced down one of our spy planes.  Bush planned to borrow sverel billion from them
so he had to get on his knees and servoce the Chi-Coms to ensure that his loan went thru.

By printing money, inflation goes up, and we buy their products at ever increasing prices. 
What did I say that you didn't understand yesterday?

There's no telling what you said yesterday, but Bush is the guilty bastard.

You must be a weird little man with a poodle with mange, 
as you don't understand the intricacies of global financial interplay.

I know that Bush gave China a 21st Century spy plane and then apologized for it. Remember when they 
illegally kidnapped our trained spies, Bush's first priority was to be sure they had Bibles in captivity.  
If that was me, I'd say, "Screw those Bibles, get my ass out of here."

Yes, I'll have another grilled cheese, hold the kippers please! 
No! Don't turn off my program! That's my story!

Good thing it's not illegal to e-mail drunk.

Where was I? Oh yeah, explaining fiduciary realities to some Okie that lives in my computer. Is it hot in your world?

Fuck yeah, it hits 100 degrees almost every day here.

Do the tornadoes sweep across the plains and rustle the homesteads? I bet you have tumbleweeds too!

We get tornado warnings from April to September, but they rarely touch down in the city.
The only tumble weeds we see are the ones falling out of Jim Inhofe's brain..

Look Bartolomew Bobaggins, I'm trying to get a word in edgewise and you keep fidgeting with that there mouse!

Dude, not only do you make no sense, you're long-winded, too.
Didn't youre Momma teach you how to make a point?

And what with this Monkey Madness? I'm a monkey? 
I guess I'm a monkey-man / your a monky-woooman! Ow!

Monkey's are people who follow without being able to explain why.
If the banana fits, that's not my fault,

But back to the international bond market; the Chinese buy our bonds, which we in turn tax our citizens,
and print more money, to give to the Chinese because we buy thier products, and they buy up more of our money in the form of bonds.

Blame Wal-Mart and the Bush bastards.

How long can that go on until WAM-O! We all will be forced to speak Obamaneese and sit on the floor 
picking at fish and rice with little sticks! We'll all be eating and talking about how nice this Socialism is, and how nice it is to be socialists.

You seem to think we lived in some perfect Paradise until the Black guy got in and ruined everything.
If you see Obama as the problem and Palin as the answer, you could be the Mayor of Monkeyville. 

Which is all well and fine until the goddammed FASCISTS show up! Ya, no one expects the fukkin fascists do ya now? 
That's why everyone hates the socialists because they're pussies. That's right, and the fascists will bite them in the ass and it'll be all over.

Who in thier right, or left, mind cares about being a socialist except for the fact they are fascist-bait. 
Look what the Nazis did to Russia. Couldn't resist could they? Just had to go mess them up right? 
You're having a fine time, hanging out, singing songs,

You're not making any sense.

feeling the comradery, then next thing you know, WHAM!, you're up to your neck in fascists! 
Everyone's high-steppin', wearing nice clothes, stylish hats, some have monocles even! 
Soon you'll have Major Hochstetter riding your ass with a swagger stick!

I've been fighting Fascist swine for 14 years.
What have you done besides cheer on the Bush bastards?

So Bart, or is it HERR BART OBERMISTER? There is nothing to refute here. 
The socialists are pussies that are ruining this country and the Nazis will eat our lunch in the end.

Next time, please keep your wild rantings to a paragraph ot two, would you?

Maybe it's all part of the Big Plan when we brought all those Nazi fellers over here after the war, 
and they all crawlled into the CIA. Maybe that's the plan, to make us all pussy socialists so the 
fascists can take over. The Chinese are cool with the Nazis, they give em' props.

I told you that there are the busybusybusy ways of the world. 
Ones that you may not have considered. 
Maybe you can look at it my way, with my one good eye!

I can't agree to something I can't understand.
Mayb, for future rants, you could show your e-mail to a third grader and have him 
add or subtract some words that make sense so I can tell if you're friend or foe.

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