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Subject: Your love for the Clintons

(please do not publish my email address)

You wrote - 

> "Yeah, I'm still mad at the Democrats who said the Clinton era sucked. 
>  We had a surplus. 
>  We had poverty at a 20-year low. 
>  Household Income was at All-Time High 
> ...and in the summer of 2008 more than half the Democrats said, "We want something else." 
>  When things were at their BEST, Democrats wanted something else. "

When you say shit like this, you are just as guilty as the GOP of trying to forget that 2000-2008 happened.

Are you going to back that up or just quack like a duck?
I just listed a bunch of facts - which facts do you want to argue with?

1)  In the Summer of 2008, more than half the Democrats did INDEED say "We want something else."

That's my complaint.

2)  Hillary is not Bill.

That's a borderline stupid statement.

3)  Even if she was- There has been a whole new generation in between.  Even if Bill could have run again, 
he wouldn't have been able to pull off in 2008 what he did in 1992 or 1996.  

That sounds like more quacking to me.
If you can predict the future, move to Vegas - you'll be a millionaire by Friday..

It was young and new voters who won the election for Obama.  Hillary wouldn't have been able to energize them.  

More quacking from the future - are there any facts in your argument?

While she still probably would have won given the toxic climate left behind by G.W.B,  
the energy wouldn't have been there to take the majorities that the Dems did.

Bill, (who is not Hillary), is our only double winner since FDR.
He would've essentially been her campaign manager.
You're saying a proven double-winner is of no value in a tough race?

4)  By your own admission in this issue, it seems the GOP isn't going to have the mid-term switches in congress that Bill did.

I didn't "admit" to shit.
You make it sound like you caught me or something.

5) Health care.  Obama got it done.  Flawed, yes, but he didn't quit.  

No, he put Reid & Pelosi in charge of it and then went on vacation. 

He put all his shit out there on it, no matter how many times it was pronounced dead.  
The Clintons rolled over on this.  Hillary was supposed to be in charge of that, right?

If you're asking "Are modern Democrats a bunch of backstabbers?" the answer is yes.
Plus, it's a lot easier to walk thru a minefield after you watch someone else walk thru it first.

6)  Obama won.  
You've said time and time again that you need to get past the 2008 primary and support the man.  
You aren't doing that here.  This is pure "I told you people" Bullshit with about as much 
hypothetical thoughts backing it as any piece Glenn Beck puts forth. 

We are where we are and nobody, not even Cher, can turn back time.
You can make up a hundred future failures to blame on Hillary and I can't stop you.
You can make up a hundred future victories to credit to Obama and I can't stop you.

It seems that it boils down to this:
YOU think Obama is doing a great job and I see plenty of room for improvement.

For one, Hillary wouldn't have wasted a year kissing GOP ass - she knows better.

I can put the FACTS of Clinton's eight years against any other Democrat of our lifetime.
Maybe Obama will get there, too, but kissing GOP ass has to stop being one of his priorities.

Just sayin' (and I'm a donor to your site, FYI)

(again, please do not publish my email address)

I only publish the e-mails of people who start out, "You ignorant cock-sucker."
You didn't do that - you're just wrong.

Why is it Obama can only look good after lies are told about the Clintons?
Hillary was a lock to win in 2008 - until it was revealed how "terribly racist" she was.

Hillary's support among Blacks was in the ninties - until it was revealed how "terribly racist" she was.
While Hillary had Black support, it was impossible for Obama to be president.  

Want to argue with that?

So her credibility with Blacks had to be destroyed and the GOP and the whore media 
were super-eager to help Team Obama pile that horseshit ever higher.

And maybe worst of all was that Mena Airport and Vince Foster shit some Dems brought out.
Gee, did they play old Rush radio shows to get their talking points?

Devil's Advocate here - If Obama is as great as you say, why can't he stand
on his own record and leave all the Clinton "murders" and "drug deals" out of it?

Every time I hear someone say "Mena Airport and Vince Foster," I know the speaker is full of shit 
and I don't care if it's Robert Parry or Al Sharpton or Matt Taibbi or David Sirota or Donna Brazile or 
Robert Reich or Richard Belzer or Randi Rhodes, who said Hillary might have her murdered.

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