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Subject: After all these years, everyone who disagrees with you is still a racist.

Revisiting your site for the first time in a while was like entering a time warp.
Absolutely nothing has changed.

Are you saying the people who super-hate Obama (but can't say why) aren't racist?
What other explanation could there be?

Bart One Note.
Reading your site is kind of like attending the Special Olympics...except that not everyone participating is a winner.
Not by a long shot.

I'm, not sure you said anything just then...

I am afraid that the odds of you ever growing up now approximate the odds of the world ever witnessing Richard Simmons, Jr.

So, now you're thinking about getting into comedy?
I'm not sure there's room for you.

I suppose it is a good thing that I can go without reading the site for about a year and return to find you still in mid-sentence.

I'm still waiting for you to say something I can respond to.

In this otherwise unpredictable world, you provide continuity.
Screaming "Racist!" at every opportunity.

I only scream "Racist" when I see racism.
If YOU think there's no more racism in America,
you're probably a FOX News-watching racist.

You and Chris Matthews.
America's two great defenders of the black race.

It's a terrible thing to be compared to that idiot Tweety,
but you could've alligned me with Rush, Palin or Bachmann, so thanks.

What would African Americans do without their Twin Albino Avengers?

My, you certainly have a high opinion of my influence.

So tell me, many disadvantaged black youth have you personally put through college?

One can't recognize or speak out against racism until they've put disadvantaged Black youths thru college?

Do numbers go high enough to record the total?
What is the sum of Infinity Plus One?

I did 12 years in a Catholic POW camp.
Maybe math isn't your best vehicle with which to attack me.

Or does your love of black people lean more towards the rhetorical?

There you go again.
Once can't object to racism unless they have lots of money?

Fess' up - Your "love" of black people is merely an artifice, the pretext of
 a demagogue who seeks to stifle dissent by marginalizing all dissidents as bigots.

Who's trying to stifle dissent?
I print every Monkey Mail e-mail that comes in.
Mind you, being a racist isn't like being born with black skin.
You can stop being a racist today - if you choose to do so.

Of course, that would make you the moral equivalent of Joseph McCarthy,
a description which would be tremendously Joseph McCarthy.

There you go with that attempt at comedy again.

Crying "Racism!" didn't exactly work in 2010, Buddy, but shit - what else do you have to peddle?

I peddle the truth - in an entertaining way.
Who told you Republicans were no longer racist - Rush or Hannity?

A failed liberal philosophy?

Who told you liberalism failed - Hannity or Rush?

Weaker national defense?

Weaker than what? We spend ten times more than any other country
sophisticated weapons only to get our asses kicked by Iraqi teenagers. 

Would you give up your Social Sucurity to fund more fighter jets

that are useless when fighting teenagers in Iraq?

Widespread poverty engendered by the socialist ideal?

Widespread poverty - you mean after Bush bankrupted America?

A health care system only Kevorkian could love?

If you're happy with the America's old health care system,
you are either very rich or the most foolish of fools.

And Ester, trust me - comedy isn't for you.

There's a reason why there are no funny Republicans.
Comedy's foundation is truth and your side has none.

So you have no choice.
RACISM it is, and RACISM it must be.

Carry on.
 Ester, loyal FOX News devotee.

Esther, it's always good to hear from you.
Donations usually increase after an Esther beatdown.



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