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Subject: LOSER!!

Since you hate white people so much, and since you feel so guilty about being white, 
why don't you go see a plastic surgeon so he can turn your skin black?

Shirley writes about once a year to make this same accusation.
Any idea what she's talking about?  When did I say I hate white people?

You think you would be happier if you were black?  I don't fucking think so! 
You would be just as miserably unhappy as black people are! I feel sorry for you. 

This is the first I've heard that Black people are unhappy.

People like you call yourselves liberals and claim to be so tolerant, 
yet it is obvious that you hate white people. You call that tolerant? 

If it's so obvious that I hate white people, could you cite a few examples?

You hate white people. 

If you say that 96 more times it becomes a fact.

That makes you as much of a racist as those evil asshole Republicans who hate niggers!

ha ha

You are just like Mike Malloy. 

Why, that's such a nice thing to say.
Does Mike hate white people, too?

(Do you want to know a secret?  Mike married a white woman!
 Seriously - they even have a white child together!!!)

Everyday you whine and bitch and moan about how horrible all white people are. 

Really?  Every day?

Now we know how Obama feels when he debates Mitch the Bitch and The Boner. 

Yet, without white people, who the fuck would read your stupid website? 

Coloreds, beaners, wops, kikes, spics, ragheads, pollacks and slants.

What have black people ever done for you? 
I'm sure everybody who ever gave you a goddamn job was a white person. 
And this is how you repay them, you ungrateful prick?!

I had all the mirrors removed at Casa de Bart
because I can't stand seeing white people in my house.

You are no liberal. You are just another jerk who feels guilty for being white!
 Shirley D Jackson

I feel as guilty about being white as I do about Original Sin.

Thanks for the update - see you next year.

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