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Subject: Four quarter player

1. I told you all along Obama would win the said he was too inexperienced.

2. I told you all along Obama would win the said he couldn't fight.

3. I told you all along Obama would get HIR passed (Clinton never could) said he wasn't showing up for work.

4. Now you compare Obama to a perkins waitress?

5. pathetic.  Obama is the best democratic president in EITHER of our lifetimes...
    but you refuse to recognize it because he beat Clinton.
     Jason the Troublemaker

First, you need to watch your tone.
Unlike you, my record is there for anyone to check.

You're asking me to play Devil's Advocate.  I can do that.

In general, people who describe their candidate as a "fourth quarter player"
are people who are tired of their hero branded a loser because he's always behind.

When you get knocked down in the first, second, third and fourth rounds,
what else do you have besides, "He's great in the later rounds?" 

Like Cheney and the GOP, you say, "His record may suck now, 
but as time goes by, that could change."

1. He was too inexperienced - we're seeing proof of that now.
    He's got the cards but he doesn't know how to play them.

2. We have yet to see Obama fight. 

3. His major accomplishments so far are:
    A. He beat Hillary with the help of the GOP, the whore media and half the Democrats.
    B. He pushed a bill thru that many Democrats call "The GOP Health Care Bill" 

4. Is it my fault he gives it away too easy?   Tell me - besides you, can you name someone
    who's on record saying President Obama is a skilled negotiator?   Good luck with that.

5. He's got one shaky year under his belt and you call him "the best ever?" 


PS. He didn't "beat Clinton"
      He beat "a" Clinton in a fixed fight.

Turning Devil's Advocate off...

I guess we'll find out in November.
If we lose more than a few seats, it will be Obama's fault.

If we break even or gain some, your opinion of Obama's greatness will be justified.

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